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25NL Zoom River Action

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  • 25NL Zoom River Action

    Not much info on Villain 1, 20/13 over 15 hands. Board is very coordinated, when Villain shoves on river, indicates strength. Was putting him at least on an overpair like TT or JJ. If he had turned a straight with 86, think he would have raised on the turn. Don't think he would have went to river with A4 or 64. But it is also contradicting as I think he would have raised at some point with a set or 2 pairs, not until the river. I put in Pokerstove Villain's range as JJ-TT,77,55,22,97s,86s,97o,86o. I don't understand why we're only 60% favourite to win this hand despite being top set I bet on the river, hoping to get it all in for maximal value from any overpairs, 2 pairs or lower sets. Is it the right move?

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    Hey Awesome

    This was an interesting spot. So, I thought I would give you my two cents

    It looks to me like the villain may very well have flopped the nut flush and simply slowplayed it to the river. Axs with a weakish kicker would fit his pf line. People doing the betting for him on every street while he has the nuts would explain his apparently passive play up to the river.

    At FR I would have been more careful and tried to see the showdown without investing much more on the river rather than hoping to get it all in.

    Good luck at 25NL!

    Roland GTX


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      I dont like your flopraise for two reasons - it is a multiway pot so relative hand strength needs to be better for a raise and the boardtexture can have you severely crushed. You are escalating the pot when you could potentially be drawing slim/dead. I would xc flop for the cheap price you are given and go from there.

      As played I would jam the river for value myself, or maybe even xc and let him bluff his busted spades. Getting jammed on this river feels like he will have you beat quite often here, but you cant really fold for that small of a rest.
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        I agree with Roland, his line looks a lot like the nut flush which peeps love to slow play... and in your range assessment you're not even considering flushes as a possibility? Why not? Even non-nut flushes are possible here.

        Also agree 100% with Flix on the flop check-raise, our hand is relatively weak. Check-call is ok and probably have to check-fold the turn to any appreciable action (normally, not when we turn top set obv).
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          Thanks all for your analysis When Villain 4 cbets so small, it felt like he could be having a flush draw, and Villain 1 tags along, perhaps for a draw too. If they had an overpair or TPTK, I think they would have bet bigger to protect their hand. So if we do not raise the small flop cbet, wouldn't we be letting them draw cheap?

          Yup you were all right, he held As8s, flopped nut flush and slowplayed it nicely.


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            The problem is on such a board texture value isnt really the main concern with medium strength made hands since all hands that call a raise will probably be at even equity against your hand - and thats already the best case scenario. Therefore I would try to keep the pot small and decide on turn/river cards how to proceed.
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                Ok thanks understood



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