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  • evaluate please

    i was readless on villian 5 but villian 2 was very loose passive vpip 59 over 120 hands. Anyway im unsure about the way i played my straight draw i tend to be very agro with flush and str. draws exspecially in pos. goin for free cards ect. BUT im running soo bad im loseing too much when i cant seem to ever hit
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    Hi quirked,

    In your read of V5 you say "passive" but the only stat given is a loose/tight indicator (vpip), no aggression stats... it's relevant imo because he is playing both preflop and on the flop in an aggressive manner, which coming from a passive player means real strength. If that's the case, plus a 3rd party showing interest on the flop, I'm not optimistic about getting free cards generally. (Actually it's a half price card when it works... paying an extra half a big bet on the flop to avoid paying a full big bet on the turn). In the case of this hand I don't mind the aggressive raise on the flop depending on your reads on V2... if he donk leads weak hands (like worse than top pair) routinely then a raise may get V5 out if he doesn't like the flop and increase our equity to either win without a fight or possibly add pair outs. When V5 reraises and V2 calls, I don't like putting in the 4th bet here. It's pretty clear we won't win uncontested later in this hand (hardly ever), we'll need to improve. With 2 opponents contesting this pot, an 8 out draw that's not the nut draw, and quite possible some of our outs fouled, adding more bets is -ev. Definitely we are getting a +EV price to call with the size of the pot now, and call the turn, but on this betting round money individually it's not profitable to put the 4th bet in. And I would not expect to get a free turn card here, luckily the button let us off the hook and gave one... if it were me in position with KK I would bet 100% of the time after you check to me, the play just screams draw imo. But against a player who's playing 59% of their hands it's unlikely they are going to recognize this.

    Also just a note, I generally don't limp behind a limper preflop here, with no reads I would raise to isolate them or fold, J9o I just fold readless.
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      thanks Dave for takeing the time!! V5 was readless the original limper is the loose passive V2. Great stuff my limp behind was a move im glad u touched on it does seem when i get a limper i give myself a green light to get in there with marginal off suit crap will try to plug this thank u!!!



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