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nl2FR AKo 4 bet

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  • nl2FR AKo 4 bet


    i had AKo in MP and raises tandard *3 i got a funny small 3 bet from russian in sb.

    i think maybe i 4bet too much against these players , they just seem to call alot of them wich i think suks.

    do u think a beter way to play an agro blind 3 better is to maybe call there 3 bet when in position, float the flop (with some sort of equity obv) and if they check turn i can bet as a semi bluff or even just bluff with air?

    p.s i kno i forgot to bet flop here so say nothing ha

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    Hi Taxed,

    First of all I don't see it as a problem if they call 4b's a lot with dominated hands. Also his preflop line is pretty terrible, 3-betting KQs OOP is just bad generally unless you're a super loose opener and he knows it, and calling your 4b oop is a huge spew. Regarding the funny 3 bet sizing, my first thought when seeing it was that it looks like a tournament player's 3b, in mtt's 3-bets are often smaller than they would be in a cash game as the standard (due largely to the differing depth of money). And actually his whole line looks kind of tournament player like.

    At any rate, to answer your question about flatting vs 4-betting, flatting is always an option in position with AK and then doing the things you suggest, but against someone who is 3-betting light a lot AND who tends to call 4-bets with hands like KQ, I am happily going with the 4-bet option for value.

    The other comment is regarding your failure to c-bet the flop. You told me to say nothing but it would be a shame not to address this... I think not c-betting this flop is optimal by far vs. this opponent type. You've smashed the flop so the dilema now is how to get maximum value from it. Well you 4b pre so any one who's paying attention is going to be very worried about AA, KK, or AK and when you c-bet those worries escalate. So let's examine quickly what a loose-aggressive player's range is here and how he's likely to proceed. Let's assume he does not hold AA or KK since we block both AND he didn't 5-bet us pre. That means his range and subsequent actions look like this:

    We c-bet:
    -Big aces (AQ, AJ) - He probably calls, and on a very low SPR (thanks to effective stacks of 100bb's and a 4-bet pot pre) he gets it in by the river

    -Sets - He gets it in

    -A few random flush draws - He probably gets it in on the flop with a check-raise

    -KQ/KJ - he probably folds

    -Pocket pairs - he folds

    -Any random misses - he folds

    Now if we don't c-bet, AA/KK/AK are still possible but a loose aggressive player will talk themselves into us having QQ or JJ and sometimes try to take the pot away from us. So checking and giving a free card has some risk in that he can improve, but that is probably outweighed by the potential gain from the parts of his range we're beating:

    We check back the flop:

    - Big aces (AQ, AJ) - we definitely get stacks in by the river as he thinks he's good now (likely no change from c-betting but it's more assured here)

    - Sets - still getting in (no change)

    - A few random flush draws - he probably semi-bluffs turn as a significant dog with 1 card to come, and may bluff shove the river after our call

    - KQ/KJ - he puts more money in thinking he may well have the best hand. As it was here he value bet KQ on the turn. This is a ton of extra value as these hands are drawing dead to runner runner.

    - Pocket pairs - Bad LAG's love to bluff to get us off our possible QQ/JJ

    - Any random misses - see above.

    So I think there's actually a lot of merit to checking back the flop here to maximize value against this guy. For clarity this is a form of slow playing, and while I am usually against slow playing when we have a hand strong enough to play for stacks and need all 3 streets (or more) betting action to get stacks in, that's not the case here... due to the preflop action we should only need 2 streets to get stacks in, and the deception quite possibly will induce stacks from a lot of the parts of his range which we're crushing.
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      thats a great answer dave, u explained that not c-beting 100% exactly the same reason why i didnt c-bet, i just didnt want to say why i didnt c-bet incase i was wrong



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