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Another hand.

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  • Another hand.

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I seem to pay people off with hands like these way too often. Should I have raised/folded rather than check called post flop? Obviously I should of folded to the turn bet.
    Last edited by Guyguyson; Mon Dec 03, 2012, 01:57 AM.

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    Its always hard to tell in a spot like this against a clearly inexperienced player who is limping under the gun and is using a very poor standard of bet sizing.

    I personally don't like your raise size pre flop, he is calling with any two for 6 cents so all you are doing is giving someone the chance to win a slightly bigger pot if they draw out on you. I like a raise of between 8-13 cents in this spot, or just a limp in knowing you can out play him post flop or get away cheaply.

    After raising I think I may have even c-bet that flop seeing as there is only one over card and he isn't going to have two clubs very often.
    As to the line you took I think I would have called the flop and turn but I think I would have found the fold on the river. The line he has taken just doesn't seem like a spot where he has the capability to be bluffing , almost ever in that spot and with a nearly pot sized bet, he'd have to be bluffing half the time for it to be a profitable call which seems very , very unlikely. Hope this helps


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      My line would bi raise 8-10 cents then c-bet 50% od the pot and if he does not fold then i would not give a cent more in the pot.


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        My preflop bet was just an oversight on my part, I acted too quickly and forgot to adjust my bet size. I usually raise 3bb+1 for every limper.

        Thanks for the advice, I figured a c-bet would of been the better option.
        I need to work on how I think about the game and take a little extra time to consider all the options when faced with situations where i'm unsure.

        Luckily a few hands after I posted this the guy shoved a pair of 7's against my pocket queens and gave me all my money back.


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          Hi Guy,

          I agree with the other responders. C-bet the flop but if he calls then his range will be largely better made hands and club draws, and I would slow down after that.

          As played I also agree with calling the turn bet which is less than half the pot, but the river bet is very likely for value and not a bluff nearly often enough to call it off.
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