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2NL River play against Limper

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  • 2NL River play against Limper

    Here's a hand I played this morning: Villain_9 was a loose-aggressive player. Villain_5 was new, but I had seen him limping out of position, so I assumed he was weak. To explain my WAY too tiny bet on the flop, I had meant to bet $0.13, but I mistyped and bet before I could change it. I know that his pot-sized raise on the river was scary, and I probably should have folded, but I looked at it this way - the river was a 3 of hearts. I thought that there was NO way he could have gotten a winning hand from a three, even if he did get lucky and pair up. I also thought that him getting a backdoor-flush was very unlikely - if it had been a diamond instead, I might have folded, but calling two streets for a backdoor flush? I smelt something off about his bet, and I thought that he was bluffing. That led to my call. You may dispute this, but I think I made the right read. I thought the guy was trying to bluff me considering how the board went, and I was right. But do you agree with this assessment?
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    Hi Chris,

    It's not the 3 he's representing, it's the flush. So in deciding if that's reasonable that he can make a flush here since it was back door, are there logical holdings that he could get to the river with that are 2 hearts? The answer is yes, especially when the 1 heart on the flop was no the top card. So he can have hands like KhJh, Jh9h, Jh8h. That's probably about it, since you hold the ace and the Q is on the board. At least that's what I would think is reasonable, as we can see from his actual holding there were also a whole bunch of 6hXh combos as well that are possible, but would assume we don't know that yet.

    I generally a weak, passive player the benefit of the doubt when they take an aggressive river action.
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