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10NL Zoom Nut Flush

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  • 10NL Zoom Nut Flush

    Villain 6 was 12/6, AF: 1.0 over 88 hands. Flop cbet: 67% (3). CO Stl: 13% (8). Nitty stats Villain 3 was 26/18, AF: 2.7 over 88 hands. BB fold to steal: 63%. Flop: I wanted to check/raise the hand to get maximal value from TPTK, sets and flush draw hands. But Villain 6 didn't cbet. But after thinking through, could it be better to lead out on this spot and hope to get raised instead? River: Bad river as the board pairs. Wasn't sure if Villain 3 had slowplayed a set on the flop. He raised to $3 and I got it all in. 1) What line should we take on the flop? Donkbet, check/call, check/raise? 2) River is it profitable to get it all in, hoping he flips over Kh or Qh most of the time, more than showing us boats?

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    While eating, I realised I overlooked the fact that I held Qh. Which means on the river when he raises us, it's either by Kh or a boat. So river should be a fold?


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      Calling pre against the opening nit is fine imo, but I would definitely lead the flop here. This is a boardtexture that is scary to many hands and might get checked back a lot of the time. I would want to start building a pot and get money in from the BB too, and I think leading accomplishes that pretty nicely.

      River is tough, and I am thinking of folding. I definitely see no real value in raising since he may have some boats and a straight flush in his range too and it is also less likely that we can get called by worse flushes when several nut combos are out there that beat the opponent's lower single heart.
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        Yea it was a big mistake to check on the flop. So in the end he did show TT which had us beat. Didn't pay attention to the board



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