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10NL 6 Max Coolered Cooler- Flop Action

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  • 10NL 6 Max Coolered Cooler- Flop Action

    Villain was playing 39/28 AF: 0.7 over 77 hands. Flop cbet: 43% (7) Think on the turn and river, it was necessary to get stacks in despite the coordinated board. Just couldn't put him on a 97 thus 3betting him to $2.20 on the turn, and calling the river shove. Question is that on the flop, is it a big mistake to check to trap him? Reason for doing so is that it's a dry board, he could have missed it so he didn't cbet. If I bet, he could have folded air and even pocket pair. Wanted to give him a chance to improve hands like KQ, or for him to bet a pocket pair. If I had bet on the flop, we could have gotten it all in by the turn when we had the highest equity. Yup so was the flop check a big mistake? And is the turn reraise ok?
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    Hi TANW,

    I would actually 3-bet him preflop... he's loose-aggressive with his preflop opens, and here he's opening blind v blind. While you didn't include any steal stats, I'd imagine he's wider than the average 28% here and maybe significantly so, thus I like punishing him with a value 3b. On the flop I would definitely bet. He's passive post flop based on your stats, so he may check hands as strong as ace-rag here, and he's going to call with any pair and maybe the gut shots like KQ/KJ/QJ one time. Since it's a single raised pot and wanting to get stacks in by the river if possible, I'd like to start building the pot right now. On the turn his bet/3b line from a passive guy looks very strong, he's not fooling around now he's got a big hand. Getting it all in is fine though as so do we. We are losing on the turn to AA and a fairly unlikely 97 (and we have 10 outs to river 97). We are beating 66, 88, AT, A8, A6, and AcXc (although he might not 3-bet with just aces and a nut club draw, seeing as he's very passive post flop). On balance I think we're in good equity shape vs. his bet/3B turn range, and he's not folding any of it, so go ahead and put it in (and keep our fingers crossed we're not getting coolered by AA, which will obv happen once in a while... but should not be a concern here as in terms of set over set coolers we are doing it to him twice as often as he is to us, since his holding 66 or 88 here would be just as legit as AA).
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      Thanks Dave. Kind of bothered me that he saw the quads before going all in, even though it didn't matter much- we're going to get sucked out anyway.

      I like the line of 3-betting him preflop for value. Was worried that if I BVMCB he would fold. But indeed there was a previous hand which he PFR with AKo, flopped TPTK and checked it. Should have made good use of that read... Should have bet



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