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2nl Zoom tptk v strange line

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  • 2nl Zoom tptk v strange line

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I had 180 hands on small blind (22/14 with only 40% fold to cbet). Preflop was standard raise, cbet just over half pot on a dry board, quite pleased to get a call but wary of sets. The turn donk bet was curious, and I really didnt know what to make of it. Could be a flush or wheel draw looking for a cheap river perhaps, or could be trying to induce a raise. Unsure, I decided to just call and see what developed. River card didn't look too threatening, so when he checked I decided to shrug off the odd turn bet and bet for value. The big raise in response really took me by surprise and I didn't know what to make of it. I tried to review the whole sequence but couldn't make it add up. I would hardly ever expect to face a checkraise bluff on the river, but what had he been playing at earlier? If he had been trying to induce with a big hand wouldn't he have usually bet the river rather than hope I would reopen the betting for him? Looking at it now I suspect the correct response to the river checkraise is a fairly easy, if perplexed, fold. Does that sounds correct? I admit that at the time I was completely in the dark as to what to do for the best.

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    The line villain takes here is often indicative of having picked up some equity on the turn. That could be hands like QhXh, 76, 75, 46, 45. His bet sizing is pretty small with .12c into .31c. It's possible he could have hit a monster and be hoping to induce a raise, but more often when I see this kind of line it's a weak hand that is blocking a bigger bet, often when it picks up additional outs. I would be inclined to raise this bet a fair bit, and if he 3b's then I'd be comfortable folding. Against a villain who is very aggro then my plan would be to just call as you did, and call his river bet as well.

    On the river I like your value bet. It seems like a blank as all the hands above have not improved with the Jd, and we can get called by worse Q's at least, and maybe hero called by 76 or some such bluff catcher. His check-raise is certainly strange. Normally in a vacuum I wouldn't expect a river c/r to be a bluff, but in this case I would probably call him here since his line makes no sense. The only hand that makes any sense here which improves with this river card is QhJh, and I would think the villain usually leads rather than risks it getting checked down. We need to be right about 28% of the time to break even with the price he's giving us, so I think calling can't be a huge error even if it is one... which when a line makes no sense the likelihood of a weird bluff increases. So yeah, not pleased with this development but I'd look him up here and make a note about his line with whatever the holding is for future reference (win or lose).
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      Thanks Dave. It is reassuring that you had similar thoughts about this villain's line. For the sake of completeness, I should say that in the event I did call, out of exasperated curiosity as much as anything else, and he turned over QQ.



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