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NL2 hand

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  • NL2 hand

    Would it be better maybe to just check if I get full house on flop like this?

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      Hi Urosh,

      No reason to check and let a betting round go by with no money going in the pot. It's a limped pot so there's only .07c in there, it's essential to start building the pot now and hoping someone has something. In addition to the desire to win a big pot here (and corresponding necessity to start growing that future big pot now) Some key points:

      -This is an action flop with many ways the limpers range connects in some way with the board.

      -moderate strength hands like Tx are often going to be scared by a lot of future cards, so the best chance to extract value from them is now.

      -If someone has the case J, then they checked to be sly, it's critical to open the betting for them so we can start building the pot. Consider for example if the guy who got a free play in the big blind is sitting there with J6o. He very likely will check-raise you if you bet. Imagine how much action you'll get on the hand if it checks through on the flop, and the turn is the Qd. The answer now is, probably not much, and certainly not stack action.

      -Players may peel one off light on the flop trying to hit a gutter or an overcard.

      -Betting now disguises your hand, everyone expects you to slowplay the nuts because that's what THEY automatically (incorrectly) do. So in their eyes you might be betting here with a ten, a draw, an ace high, or maybe even just taking a stab in position since you were checked to.

      They both folded, it's no big deal... probably weren't going to win much later in the hand anyway had you checked. The best way to give yourself a chance to win a big pot here is to start the action immediately on the flop.
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