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10NL Zoom Weak Pair 3 way

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  • 10NL Zoom Weak Pair 3 way

    Had some fun on Zoom recently. This hand I had no stats on both villains. PF: Made the 2bb call as the $16 was in the pot, behind me were also deepstacks, could get implied odds. Flop: Villain 5 minraises cbet. Not sure what it means. Could be on a flush draw, or he really did have a set. Made the call in mind if he fires big on the turn, I'll be folding my TPWK. Turn: Villain 4 leads into pot for $1, Villain 5 only calls. Was thinking if he had a strong hand (2 pairs or set), he would have raised to protect from flush draw. River: Villain 5 bets 2/3 on a suspicious blank. Not sure how it helped. Couldn't see A5 or 65 going to the river. He could have 2 pairs like 43 or 42 thus the bet sizing. Tanked for some time, wanting to catch a busted flush draw bluff, not sure if it was actually the case here. I decided to fold, also in view of Villain 4 behind us. Was my passive line here ok and was the river fold right? Only hand I saw Villain 5 taking this line was JJ. Any chance river bet is a bluff? Thanks!!

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    i think he got AT or better like set..


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      UTG's range should be very narrow, mainly consisting of big pairs and AK. His c-bet is entirely consistent with TT+. UTG+1's raise can also be TT-QQ (he'd usually 3-bet KK) or a set (he went set-mining with 44 or 22).
      In short, both villains have you crushed on this flop. Don't call a single bet. With a hand like T9s, you need to flop 2 pairs, trips or a strong draw against EP ranges. All you flopped was a weak top pair. You got in cheap, now get out cheap!
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        Originally posted by Telcioglu View Post
        i think he got AT or better like set..
        IMO I don't think he has AT, I am thinking he limped the raise in with maybe Ad5d , limped along with the bets,as he was well within pot odds of calling along, probably looking for another diamond, and hit the 3 on the river. nice fold. umbup:
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          The way you played the hand I think you have to make a call on the river there. He could easily have 77-99 or someting, could easily have you beat also but the way you played it I'm calling here.

          Personally I think the problem lies pre, squeeze or get out of the way. Just an opinion though.

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            Hi TheAwesome,

            I think this is 100% a fold on the river, but scroll the hand back. Calling preflop was fine here with T9s, but after that I think folding at every point post flop would have been optimal.

            Flop: The flop is ok for T9s, but the news bulliten from the villains is not. The PFR c-bets and gets raised. So let's look at several points:

            1- Your inclination is to put V5 on a draw or a monster. If that's an accurate read, it's actually really bad for you... your equity against this range is bad. Consider against a draw like QdJd you're actually an equity underdog, about 55-45. Obviously against a set you are crushed, drawing dead to runners.

            2- There are very few turn cards you'll even like, basically just a T or 9 (which still doesn't help much against a flopped set). Yet a lot of turn cards are good for the villains ranges here. In other words, when you consider calling on the flop, looking to future streets it is likely to get harder for you to continue to showdown, not easier.

            3- Can't agree on the ranging of V5 being only monsters or draws either, sometimes he can have a good 1 pair hand in a spot like this, something like a ten with a big kicker or JJ... all of those beat you too.

            4- We still have V4 behind us and he's shown only strength to this point in the hand! He can easily be sitting there with a better hand as well.

            Conclusion: I think that folding directly on the flop is the superior play here. I know it sounds strange on the surface, hitting top pair and just folding, but the action sequence and their ranges dictate it here imo.

            Turn: Again just fold, it's very unlikely we're winning now. You're a bit focused on assessing V5's range but we don't want to lose sight of the fact that V4 is still in and still showing strength, very possible he's beating us in addition to the concerns with V5's range.

            River: Seems very unlikely we could be good here when V5 bombs this river, there's just so many ways we're beat... even if V5 WAS on a flush draw, he can have hands like Ad5d, 5d6d, KdQd, etc which have missed their flush but all improved to beat us. And then there's still the matter of V4, who may be checking and calling hands like AQ or KK now.

            The moral of the story here I think is that any time we're in a multi-way pot with a medium strength hand and multiple villains are showing strength, it's time to take a pass. Especially when we have little chance to improve, and like half the deck are scare cards for us.
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              Thanks all for your inputs. I'm not too confident with my play with suited connectors, deepstack. No reads in Zoom made it worse. On the river, we're beating absolutely nothing but T8 and air. JT, AT, JJ, anything beats us. At that point I was so tempted to make the rookie mistake of not letting go the 1-pair hand, hoping to catch a bluff. Something new was folding on the flop cos of equity issue, and due to the line the villains took. Donated $1.80, but learnt to save more $1.80s!! umbup:umbup:



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