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10NL 6 Max QQ 3-way

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  • 10NL 6 Max QQ 3-way

    This was the second hand on a new table, no stats on the 2 villains or anything. Only reads were: Villain 1: 14 tabling, in profit Villain 3: Started off with $4.91, 1-tabling Villain 3 3-bets, I didn't mind taking going all in with QQ against him as he looks fishy. Not sure if you would agree with me here. I decided to 4-bet for value and also to isolate him. Unexpectedly, Villain 1 flats behind. He could be doing so with AK, QQ. AA and KK could have taken the same line too. Villain 3 moves all in and I flatted the jam which I absolutely have no idea why I did so lol Villain 1 jams, I don't think I can fold another $5 into the pot of $20 thus I called. I put the 2 Villains' range as { QQ+, AKs, AKo }, we have 31% equity while they each have 34%. 1) When shortstack 3bets, is 4-betting optimal for value and isolation? Or flatting? 2) When shortstack moves all in, what step should we take? 3) Villain 1 goes all in, folding is still an option. But we have too much equity to fold right?

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    I like your thoughts on this hand and I would take the same line but I'd use a far smaller 4-bet sizing.

    The main goal is to just knock out the EP raiser and get it HU with the shorty so I think 4-betting to just the minimum amount is absolutely sufficient. The shorty does not get any good implied odds with this size and his stack anyway and you can still re-evaluate the situation after the opener has acted.

    After the opener flats your 4-bet he might have AA/KK some amount of the time but he may also play worse pairs or AK like that so I would not worry too much about getting it in with QQ here for 100bbs and the overlay from the shorty.
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      Thanks Felix, makes sense to make a smaller 4-bet to isolate shortstack.

      Villain 1: KK
      Villain 3: JJ



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