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25nl fr zoom: dealing with short stackers

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  • 25nl fr zoom: dealing with short stackers

    The villain in all three hands is the same guy. A supernova short stacker who is a regular at both 25nl and 50nl zoom. He always buys in for the minimum and doesn't add more chips. He runs 22/20/20. He loves to 3bet light preflop. I tend to 4 bet light in response putting him all in.
    Question: is moving all in the right way to handle a short stacker? He is a supernova, so I typically give them credit for knowing more than me

    I posted all the hands in one thread since they are on the same topic with the same vilain. Any specifics with these hands would be great, but I was mainly thinking how to handle aggressive short stackers in general.

    In this hand I just 4bet all in preflop

    In this hand I purposefully called with AK to give the guy a chance to 3bet. Then I moved all in.

    In this hand I tried playing him post flop, but wasn't very comfortable.

    Roland GTX

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    Hi Roland,

    Generally vs. short stackers I will look to play a range that plays well vs. their all in range and go with that in the manner you are. Short stackers usually fall into one of 3 categories:

    1-Short stacking reg. These guys are using a short stacking strategy, maybe to raise light a lot, maybe to be tighter and reraise on a reasonable get it in range. Determine which it is based on reads/stats and adjust. Light raisers, reraise more liberally. Tight/strong get it in range types, steal from more and don't get it in light.

    2-Fish. Just identify type and adjust.

    3-Non-short stacker who has lost and is not reloading. In most cases, see #2

    So on to the hands:

    99- Perfectly fine to 4b all in here... if he's 3b light quite a bit then you have good fold equity, and reasonable hand equity vs. his calling range. And vs. a cutoff open he's probably light a bit more often.

    AK- Same thing, perfectly fine, although I would generally 3b the first short stacker who is opening rather than flat him. But as played I like the flat/back raise obv against a frequent light squeezer.

    QJs- fine I think til the river bet. It's unlikely worse will call you with so many possible draws completing. On his short stack if he had AK I think he'd bet the turn, so when he checks back he's either taking a free card on a draw, checking a non-K hand with showdown value, or giving up with air. All the non-K showdown value hands are probably too weak to call such a terrible river card and probably give up a lot. All the free card taking draws either have improved to beat you (straight or flush), or are again too weak (JT, AJ) to pay off. Probably a bit better to simply check and give him a chance to bluff what looks like a scary card. I'm a big advocate of value betting the river in general but here in considering his range, it seems like on this river he's either drawn out on us, or isn't strong enough to call.
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