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5nl 6max zoom - KK in the bb gets 4-bet by UTG raiser

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  • 5nl 6max zoom - KK in the bb gets 4-bet by UTG raiser

    This is a zoom hand: 1. Is UTG only doing this with AA? Anything else? 2. Should I have folded pre-flop to the 4-bet? 3. Or should I have 5-bet shoved? 4. And and then what about post-flop? Villains' stats (photobucket doesn't seem to be working ... will add the photo later): VPIP/PFR - 23/18 #hands - 24 flop cbet - 0 wtsd/w$sd - 67/100

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    Zoom regs might think this is funny: Dealt to TrustySam [Ac As] spreadd: folds digiovinazzo: raises $0.10 to $0.15 <-- 4-tabling reg TrustySam: raises $0.30 to $0.45 Mallacllypse: folds redbrown88: folds rafaneld: raises $0.15 to $0.60 and is all-in digiovinazzo: raises $0.95 to $1.55 TrustySam: raises $5.48 to $7.03 and is all-in digiovinazzo said, "aces?" digiovinazzo has timed out digiovinazzo: folds


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      In preflop spots like this just think about his most likely range of hands and adjust your line accordingly.

      If you think he 4bets ONLY [KK,AA] (which is rarely the case with any opponent, even the tighter ones) folding might be correct but you can never really obtain such a 100% read imo. You are facing a villain who is basically unknown to you on a sample of 24 hands.

      As a default I would assume people 4bet a range more like [QQ-AA,AK] so you have a very profitable shove with KK here.

      If you think he might also 4-bet some bluffs as well which you fear might get folded out with a shove, calling might be an idea - but it is still a hard to play line as you have experienced in this hand from OOP.
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        hmmm ... ok thx Felix


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          I agree folding KK preflop is not really an option vs a villain who is essentially still an 'unkown'.

          Amazing point xflixx made about the possibility of calling. Of course since you have no reason to believe villain could be mixing in any bluffs in this situation, your only left with one option which is reraising and trying to get the money in.


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            I think some people will find it funny that that guy put me on exactly AA and 5-bet-folded (like, funny 'haha', not funny strange ... I guess it's an inside joke ... )
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