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25NL FR Zoom: AKs line

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  • 25NL FR Zoom: AKs line

    25NL full ring zoom. I was four tabling and not sure if I missed something in this hand. Villain 6 was fairly unknown running 16/8 over 25 hands Villain 7 was 22/10 over 200 hands. Two questions: What range would you put Villain 6 on? What do you think of my line in this hand? My thoughts during the hand: I have a strong hand and position on both players. I don't like to let min-raisers off cheap. When I 3-bet a min-raise, I size my bet as if they had made a standard raise. Which made it 3 bucks in this case with the caller. This is pretty standard for me, but not really sure how wize it is. The villain then min 4 bets me. At this point I started getting concerned. Was he stringing me along with AA? I saw he was on two tables and his stats looked normal. I ranged him as QQ, KK, AA and AK. I was getting decent odds to see the flop, but did consider folding. I did not consider 5-betting against an unknown. The flop was about as good as I could hope for. I am ahead of QQ og KK. I'm tied with AK but drawing to the nuts. And the flush draw gives me what looks like 9 real outs that will stack him if he flopped a set with AA. I didn't know how to interpret his 75% pot sized lead on the flop. Would he do that with AA? Most would check-raise, but I often donk bet myself in these spots. Would he do it as a bluff with QQ or KK? 55 or 44 seemed unlikely with his preflop action. AK seemed to best fit his action thus far. So, I opted to get it all in thinking we would split the pot if my diamond didn't come. Thanks! Roland GTX

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    25 hands is quite a small sample but this guy is limping as many hands as he is raising preflop. I would put him on a range of 3s+, A10o+ and K9x+ and maybe 109x.

    A limp reraise looks very strong but he could be playing against his perceived image of you. Erring on the side of caution we are probably looking at Qs,Ks As or AK. The flop lead looks more like a bet to push you off your hand than a value bet. Maybe he had a rush of blood to the head and is doing this with Ks that now look dead in the water. Once you reraise allin it is very difficult for him to let go. Alternatively he could have flopped the small set.

    I think getting it all in on the flop is fine because you have great equity and may well be ahead. I just hope it was not 67 of diamonds that he was holding




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      Hi Greg,

      It's not a donk bet, it's a continuation bet (he's the final preflop aggressor). I think your range assessment of QQ+ and AK is reasonable here for a preflop range. There's also some % of the time he's 4b/folding a hand that was strong enough to open raise, is not strong enough to call your large 3b out of position, but doesn't want to directly give up to a possible squeeze... something like AJ. Although I think generally that's just a fold, if he's been getting 3b a lot recently (which we don't know as it's zoom) and feeling pushed around, he could decide he's sick of it and with an ace blocker, 4b small and fold to a jam. Complete and total rough estimate, maybe 80% QQ+/AK, 20% something else. No quibbles with 85/15 or 90/10 ratios there, but probably not more than 20% on the soft end.

      On the flop I think either raising is c-bet all in or flatting are ok... when we jam the flop it should scream AK, but there's so much in the middle already he might not be able to get away from AJ or even QQ now. If we flat the intent is obviously to get all in on the turn (either calling his shove or putting the rest in if checked to), would take this line if I thought he had more of the 20% soft side and might fold to our flop jam, but make a hopeless bluff for the last $10 on the turn if we just call. Again though the pot is so big, totally fine to just jam the flop here. We really don't care about AA and AK, those are getting all in no matter how we play it. The real question is how to maximize value against the rest of his range.
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        Thanks for the detailed reply Dave. He was actually holding A7 suited clubs?! That was what made me rethink my ranging



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