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2NL 9-max: 3 hands (Massive Tilt)

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  • 2NL 9-max: 3 hands (Massive Tilt)

    Hey, I don't know if is just a huge tilt, or I'm just playing it wrong. Here were the 3 main hands that costed me the most: On all those players, there were not enough hands to post their stats. -The UTG limper had QQ and the raiser had AA - I've played a few hands with the villain, and he's limped all of them: ( he had TJo ) - The villain was a limper and calling station (the villain had 9Ts) yeah, it sucks... in just 2 days I've lost $10 Any advices on the overall tilt ? Thanks umbup:

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    Hi fp,

    One hand per post please.

    Ok so Hand 1 KK - I see nothing wrong here. The half stacked limper can have plenty of worse hands, and Villain 3 may just be 4-betting to re-isolate. Since UTG doesn't rate to ever fold anymore, and V3 will have to call off your stack now with anything he re-iso'd with (probably a range like TT+ and AK) jamming is good here imo.

    Hand 2 AA - Preflop looks good, a loose passive fish limps and you iso him in position. Post flop I don't think is good. Why is a loose passive guy leading out on a board that should hit our preflop raising range hard? I think he rates to be very strong here, loose passive players would tend to check-call with all their 1 pair hands. I'm not prepared to give up directly to a flop bet but I'm not liking our hand strength any more in this situation and would prefer to just call, see the turn, and make a decision there as we'll have a lot more info (turn card, and his turn action). His turn lead is probably going to be like .20c, so as a case in point we could actually call flop and turn for the same price as our flop raise, getting to the river. But if we don't help and he fires again I think I'd fold. As played I think it's a fold to the 3b all in. Again against a LAG or an aggressive semi-bluffer I don't think we're folding, but early reads are that this guy is loose-passive and if that's accurate I'd never expect 1 pair to be good here. The way to beat this player type is to iso his weak garbage limps and take the pot when he check-folds, take him to valuetown him when he hits enough to check-call you and you rate to be ahead, and don't pay off when he hits the occassional big hand and gets aggressive.

    Hand 3 - Again, with a loose-passive station taking a strong aggressive action (min-check/raising, which can be a fish tell of a big hand), we can be sure he's smashed this flop. Here it's a little different though as we have top set (AA is an easy fold here to his flop check/raise imo). So we are only losing to T9, and beating JJ and 88. He's probably not taking this line with 2 pair and top 2 is unlikely anyway since 3 queens are accounted for. But against a range of only the strongest hands, 88, JJ, and T9, we are still a slight favorite (we are drawing against the straights but have the sets dead to 1 out). so I think here unfortunately it's just a cooler flop and we have to go with this spot.
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