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Raiser's ZOOM Hand 2

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  • Raiser's ZOOM Hand 2

    Looking back on the poor betting patterns post flop by both of us, it looks like the villain was as worried about me having a flush as I was about him having it. Pre-flop I had a good hand in position and didn't think much of his limp so I took the initiative ... post-flop though the hand just went two sheets to the wind for me. I probably was thinking too much about what the opponents range was. His stats were VPIP 25 / PFR 13% and a C-bet % of 71. Looking for some post-flop betting advice please.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Cheers, Raiser umbup:

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    I actually think you played this hand fine. Preflop isolating on a limper and having a strong hand.

    Then on the flop, its quite a scary board, I like calling here, raising just folds out so many worse hands, and all the better hands will likely re-raise.

    The turn I'd probably end up checking behind, but it probably set up him not betting the river which is nice.

    The river is too thin to bet at, nothing worse will call.

    Yes he had you beat from the start, but you got to showdown on a very scary difficult board, and it looks like if he had T9, or a similarly strong flopped hand that wasn't a flush you could get to showdown and be ahead.


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      Hi Paul,

      Preflop raise sizing could be bigger over a limper, for value and to isolate him.

      Post flop the tendancy to look at is how he response to a preflop raiser. The stats you quoted don't address this (C-bet% doesn't factor here as he's not the aggressor therefore he can't continuation bet). He donks into you on the flop for 75% of the pot, I actually do like raising here generally as I think we can and will get called by a lot of worse hands. Specifically, single big hearts will call with their flush draw, pair+draws will call, and worse made hands like top/top, 2 pair, and smaller sets will continue as well thinking that we have a big heart draw (maybe a big pair with a heart).

      Generally I like checking back the turn, this is where it's hard to get called by worse but better (flushes) are never folding. As played check down the river is fine, it seems unlikely that he has a flush but the only hand we're losing to that's not a flush is the straight, and he's probably making a crying call with that given how this hand played out.
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        Hi Raiser,

        I am going to offer an alternative approach in this hand.

        Preflop, your raise is too small. I have saw these 17 cent raises from you before and I am not sure what you want to achieve with them.

        The opponent donks into you and like Dave I am tempted to raise here but the call is ok too.

        The minute I saw the villain check the turn I immediately thought straight and he is afraid of the flush draw. Your half pot bet is again too small, it is betwixt and between but it can be good for my river suggestion, especially since you still have outs to the house.

        On the river when he checks I bet because there are two ways to win any pot: have the best hand at showdown or get your opponent to lay down his hand. The bet sizing is all important here and the ability of our opponent to lay his hand down.

        What can we reasonably deduce about our opponent here based on his play? He limped preflop, sign of a weak player but he checked the turn rather than bet because he feared the flush so he is thinking to some degree. I think given that we have an ideal opportunity to win this pot if we bet correctly on the river.

        I would bet about $1.80 on the river turning my set into a bluff, if I had info that he folded to big river bets I would even over bet the river. Sometimes especially with a hand like this the only way we can win is by forcing our opponent into a big mistake. I do not suggest to try it all the time, with a calling station, he will probably call any bet, but at these levels, if used sparingly, it is possible to convince a villain that you have it, even when you do not.





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