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5nl Zoom - Trouble with AA #1

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  • 5nl Zoom - Trouble with AA #1

    In this hand I had very little info on the villain, I can't remember if he was multitabling or not and only have 2 hands of data on him.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    I raise pre flop and he calls out of the BB, I feel that he can be pretty wide here. When the flop comes down T8Qr and he checks to me I am happy betting this for value. He then raises me and I'm unsure what to do, at the time I felt it was a good time to commit as he might checks raise with a strong queen. However on reflection I think it's probably the worst of the 3 options. I much prefer flatting here as of the high SPR. Calling allows me to continue in the hand with postion, without fully commiting. If I flat I get chance to see his turn action and proceed very cautiously, likely folding to another bet. However if he checks behind I can often see a showdown. I also think I could fold here but against an unknown i'm not sure if this is too tight...? Thanks for any help Oliverumbup:
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    Hi Oliver,

    Not really sure about your comments, as the action is misstated as I'm seeing the HH... the villain doesn't check-raise you on the flop, he bets into you and you raise, then he reraises, so he's actually taking a bet/3b line. He can't check behind you later in the hand as he acts first, only a player in position can check behind (after facing a check). So I'll just comment on the hand as I see it...

    Preflop is fine obviously. On the flop he donks into you for .10c into a pot of .32c. I like raising here for value, as this type of play is often going to be a 1 pair hand not wanting to give a free card or a draw making a semi-bluff (and he's conveniently given himself a nice price on a draw with this bet). I think your raise sizing is fine as well. when he reraises though I'm not thrilled with it as I would expect the weaker holdings to call, not raise again. Really stinks not having reads in spots like this.

    I think my preference is to call his reraise and use our position to make a more informed decision on the turn. Although I think it's close between that and folding tbh, and wouldn't have an issue with a fold at all. I agree with you that 4-betting and getting it in is probably the worst option here in a high SPR spot. If the villain were a maniac, or a clown who overvalues hands like top/top and routinely stacks them off, then ok, but without any read I would assume most players who are faced with the level of strength we've shown will slow down.
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