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NL25 6-max: QQ preflop all-in, opponents ranges

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  • NL25 6-max: QQ preflop all-in, opponents ranges

    Hey! I am new to 25NL and I am still not familiar with the all-in preflop ranges of the regulars (or non) at these stakes. Therefore, I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with some shoving ranges. For example is it normal to see stacks going in the middle with AQo vs TT? (because at 10NL most times one would see a pre-flop all-in it would be AA vs KK or QQ). The hand that brought up this issue for me, is the following pre-flop all-in. Unfortunately i don't have any read/stats on the opponents as I am new at these stakes. The UTG villain opened for 3x and a really short stack (7.5$) 3-bet all-in; the action was on me on the small blind with QQ and I decided to shove over the top to iso the short-stacker for value.Lo and behold when the action got back to the initial raiser he snapped off my all-in. Would u consider this call standard or anything at this stakes, because i found the call atrocious from his part Any comments are really appreciated! Archie(f1nlaion)

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    I'm not shocked at the short stack because this short of a stack makes him seem like such a weak player, and if it was HU i would think the initial raiser calling off is fine.

    But with your reshove over the top then I think that is an absolutely shocking call, unfortunate for you. I would be taking a note on this player and hoping there are more all-in preflop spots you can get in with this player in the future.
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      Posted this by accident
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        Hey f1nlaion

        I think this hand was played fine. You are in a tight spot, I would fold JJ here and go with QQ.

        The utg player's decision to "go with it" is not standard at all. His range to continue in this spot should probably be KK+. So I imagine he was probably having a bad day.

        You are right in your intuition about stacking off ranges for 100 big blinds. In order to get a situation of AQ v TT the players typically need to be in late positions like button versus blinds or blind versus blind.

        Stacking off ranges should tighten up the earlier the positions, meaning UTG v MP is the tightest and SB v BB the loosest. I can see TT v AQ very plausibly in the latter but not in the former. When you get dealt TT and AQ specifically you can definitely do different things, from flat calling opens to just calling three-bets and no reopening the action, to avoid getting all-in in a bad spot.


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          lol i've had K7o and pocket sixes call a 4bet, then stack off 100 bb on a K high flop (K7o donked into me, I shoved w/ KKK, pocket 6s called, (w/ 3 overs on the board btw) then the mighty K7 overcalled and I raked a 30$ pot. they both typed they thougnt my shove looked like a bluff to "get them off their" "hands" I just typed "I prolly would've done the same thing" lol and left with their money after they left after stacking off again to another player a couple hands later w/ rag hands pre. they're both on my "wish list" as I wish them good luck and wish to see them again very soon lolumbup:
          May the tinfoil protect you. MT



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