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2NL 9-max: AJo multi-way pot

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  • 2NL 9-max: AJo multi-way pot

    Hi, The BB is playing 32/25/0 The limper is playing 11/5/6 The fact that the tight player limped and called a raise should have open my eyes lol. It obviously screams 'I have a small pocket pair' But since both of the players were short stack, and they've called the C-bet I think I was commited to the pot. Thanks umbup:

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    The turn card really isn't nice here at all, but both your opponents are playing less than 50bb stacks. There is less than a pot size bet behind for each of them by the turn, so i think it should just be all in and hope for the best.
    You don't want to check and fold to a bet and that's what is going to happen if you don't just shove.
    Not a very nice spot to be in, but not much we can do here.


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      Hi fp,

      I agree, not much to do here with the villains both being short and a low spr. The only thing I would suggest in this situation is maybe raising a bit more than normal preflop... .08c was your standard sizing but I'd be inclined to make it like .10c-.12c. I prefer that to isolate on the limper who does rate to have a lot of marginal broadways (all of which we dominate) and smallish pairs in his range. A lot of the time he's going to call the raise and play fit or fold on the flop, so by making a big larger iso raise we give ourselves a better chance to actually get HU with him while building a bit bigger pot to take down all the times he simply check/folds the flop.
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