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10NL 6 Max Fundamental Pokerstove Question

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  • 10NL 6 Max Fundamental Pokerstove Question

    Think it was the first few hands after I sat down. Only read was that Villain was a limper. Based on pot odds, it's giving us wrong odds to call. But I think it's a call here due to implied odds. $1 into $3 + $3. When villain calls, he'll be likely to stack off even if a 3rd heart fell. How does Pokerstove play a role in decision making during the flop (2 streets to come)? I put villain's range as 44, 77, QJo, KJo, AJo. We're 40% against villain's 60%, so we're 1: 1.5 if we go all in here. Clearly I haven't been using Pokerstove much Hope to make this a good start

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    Hey Awesome

    I think our play is probably to move all in here. Our opponent can sometimes fold and as your PokerStove analysis shows, we can have decent equity, up to 40% or a bit higher, against his range.

    If we call we risk getting shut out of a large pot on the turn should we blank. We also risk calling off on an ace turn when that ace is no good and we aren't getting the right odds.

    If we move all-in we can pick up a big pot some % of the time when he check-raise folds his bluffs, and marginal semi-bluff and marginal made hands that he check-raised. When he calls we have decent equity versus his strong hands that will ensure we aren't getting beat up too badly in that case.



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