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QQ vs. 62o

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  • QQ vs. 62o

    It's a 5/10 NLH play money table. I'm CO-1 holding QQ. 3 limpers. Middle position raise to 50. I re-raise to 140. 4 players call including the original raiser in mid-position.

    Flop: 2s 5h 6h

    Check around to the player in middle postion. He raise all in for 1810. I call. Folds all around. Were heads up. He has 62o.

    I try to take play money tables as a learning experience. I really doubt that I would see this kind of play at a 1-2 NLH cash game in person, but just in case, did I do something wrong here?

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    The old but true answer is it depends....

    Now did you have a read on the player at the table?

    are they tight or loose?

    with 4 players in you could make it a little higher preflop but honestly it was ok.

    so when the villian goes all in... we can't comment because we do not know them.

    I class players as
    NIT - very tight very aggressive
    TAG - Tight and aggressive
    LP - Loose and passive
    LAG - loose and aggressive

    So if a nit goes all in her e i think i may be beat
    if a Tag goes all in here im stuck they may have an over pair like me or teh could have tripped up ( not likely preflop but could be the case depending on table)
    LP - if he is leading at this i am beat
    LAG dude could have anything i'm calling all day long.

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      Hi infinity

      Without specific reads, I'd say your play here was fine post flop. Preflop the raise sizing needs to be larger imo. You've got 3 limpers and then a raiser who goes 5x, given the action here I think we should be repopping to something like at least 200, and given the general looseness of play money (or any very loose table dynamic) I would add a premium surcharge to that and bring it for 250-300 personally.

      Post flop, people will jam all in with all kinds of worse 1 pair hands in play money, so given that I've no problem stacking off QQ here.
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