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  • KQ

    I will just let this play through - cause I win - but should I be calling 3 bets with 'trouble hands' like this? And in what situation? Which position and what type of opp is this a good preflop call? Ed
    4 Time Bracelet Winner

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    Hey Ed

    I think the first piece of information we can weigh when deciding whether to call this three-bet in position or not is its size. Here we have to call 70 cents to try and turn a profit. I would say that if our opponent had raised to 1.20 preflop making it 90 cents to us then we have a considerably tougher time making money by calling with a wide range and certainly this hand I could turn into a fold.

    Obviously being in position is important, so having position, you are in a position to think about calling here.

    I don't mind our hand. It would be nice to be suited of course. KQs I would say, versus this three-bet size, is definitely a clear call, because of its ability to make big semi-bluffs.

    It is important also to think about the stack sizes. In general because we are in position we are going to benefit from having more money behind in the stacks. If our opponent had a shorter stack and we thought he had a tight three-betting range, we probably should fold this hand.

    Of course there are going to be player types to think about. A tight player being the most obvious candidate against whom to fold preflop, while a loose maniac or weak player being the two types that come to mind against whom I would happily call. If you are running a headsup display for this villain I would look for an overall three-bet% of 7% or higher. If he had a lower three-bet or you had reason to believe he wouldn't three-bet often in this spot (BB v CO) then again, maybe discretion is the better part of valour.

    No easy answers but a lot to think about.



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