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10NL 6 Max How to Extract Max Value

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  • 10NL 6 Max How to Extract Max Value

    Villain was 34/15 after 47 hands, AF: 0.5. Flop FCB: 33% (3). First time he got 3-bet so no reads on that. Flop: Cbet for value with top set. Since he opened UTG, he could possibly hold 2 broadways or any pocket pairs. Holding an Ace would be unlikely since there was only 1 left in the deck. Didn't opt to check as there were 2 hearts. Turn: I was pretty confident I still had the best hand as combinatorically we shouldn't worry he held 2 hearts preflop. My mind kind of went blank as I was deciding whether to check for slow-play or bet for value. Reasons for slow-play: 1) High chance he doesn't have a strong hand. No top pair as I held 2 Ace blockers. Doubt he would have slow-played KK. Maybe a pocket-pair will call to my river bet after I checked turn to indicate weakness. 2) Hope he's on a heart flush draw, let him "improve" to a flush on the river. Reasons to bet: 1) Afraid that a Queen or Jack hits the board and get crushed 2) Extract value from a flush draw I know point 2 is contradicting. On retrospect, I think a smaller turn bet like $2 to $2.90 could have induced a flush draw to call. But it might also fold out weaker hands like PP. My $3.60 was definitely too big. So on the turn, check or bet smaller??

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    Hey Awesome

    What about the flop bet? What about betting small there?

    I know you ended up getting a call on this flop so it seems like a poor idea. After all, why would we want to be called for less money when we have the nuts?

    I'll tell you why: if we bet less now we can probably get a turn bet more often. And the small flop bet + turn bet is going to be bigger than just 1.50 on the flop.

    We aren't going to have any problem getting all the money in on the river should we want to. So we don't risk losing that chance if we c-bet the flop 0.90. We could occasionally get a bluff raise from our opponent, when they read weakness into our size.

    So on the turn as played I think we should definitely repeat this logic. We want to bet small, maybe really small. I wouldn't mind repeating our flop sizing give or take. We don't have much need for protection with top set and the nut flush draw even though there are two gutshots out there. I think this size is still going to let us value shove the river and could get our opponent to continue with the widest range.



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