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2NL 6-max ZOOM: AK on the button

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  • 2NL 6-max ZOOM: AK on the button

    I have no reads on these players. I CBet as I opened strong hoping to just take it down after the flop... I'm of two minds here, but I'm feeling that the right thing to do is fold. Any pair has me bet and I'm drawing to an A or a K or a backdoor broadway. Not a great long term play...
    Bracelet Winner

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    Hey Saturnation Always a tough spot when our AK misses the board in a big pot I think our best option on the flop would have been to not bet and to check back. A few reasons, some more obvious than others: - we missed the flop completely (this is a big obvious factor) - the flop is seen four ways (we should c-bet more often HU and less often as the number of opponents goes up) - if we check we give ourselves a chance to hit our ace or king, which could easily be good very often - our opponents can check raise us and put us in an ugly spot (ie they arent obliged to check and call and with the pot so big we shouldn't expect them to) So I think this decision, to bet in the first place, is really where the big mistake is made. Its going to be hard for calling the shove to be a huge mistake given the size of the pot and our price, its a decision that I know seems most important to you now but I want you to definitely focus on the previous decision, to bet or to check, moving forward umbup:


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      Thanks Gareth, I can see that now. Best to check and hope to hit or just check/fold if nothing comes. Makes a lot of sense.

      In the end, I called (and closed my eyes ), which I think was my second mistake on the hand. Villain turns over KQ off and I take down the hand with A high when the turn and river misses both... :/

      The sad thing is I got rewarded for making two mistakes on that hand, so while I took away a nice pot, I keep subtracting that from my session's earnings to give me a more accurate idea of how well I played.
      Bracelet Winner



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