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NL2FR KK 3 way pot MP

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  • NL2FR KK 3 way pot MP

    not sure why i didnt 3 bet here, had KK in MP.somthing made we wanna play a pot with these 2 and even keep the fishy players in blinds in if they called.

    Anyway curious what u think villains range is here, the pre flop raiser bets out on flop, wich is standard, i decide to check raise coz the board is a bit wet 678 with 2 flush cards.( im thinking a raise will give me more info, as in next paragraf)

    when villain calls my raise tho what do u think his range is, i rekon if he had set he would re raise same as if he had str8 , wich i doubt, so basically i think he has some sort of flush draw at most. when the turn doesnt complete the flush, i bet haf pot, i dotn realy wanna give him odds to call to hit flush, i was gonna bet a bit more but the 9 comes in and makes the board a bit more wet, although im prety commited, i think i can still call to a raise.

    so basically just curiuous on my play and thought process, havnt a clue tbh if im on the rite trak or im away off,? could probaly go into more detail on alot of these hands, just dont like making u read a load of text

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      Hi taxed,

      Definitely I like 3-betting for value preflop here, not inviting a multi-way pot with a higher stack to pot ratio, that's generally not going to be great for kings.

      Since we've kept the preflop pot small, I'm not a huge fan of raising this flop, although it's not terrible or anything... but if we do raise we are committing imo, as the villain can stack off QQ-99 on this board thinking we may have a lot of draws in our range. Of course they are also stacking off AA, sets, nut flush draws etc, so our equity in playing for stacks isn't stellar, we're probably roughly flipping vs. his stack off range (fine with all the money in the pot now). The alternative is to flat call and use our position to make good decisions on later streets. He's the preflop raiser so this board is actually much better for our range than his. Small point, but this is the kind of spot I personally float players on, so for me it's a nice range merge to have this strenth of hand sometimes rather than just a draw, monster, or air on my floats. It's a small point because merging your range in 2nl is -ev, just take lines to maximize value and don't worry about being unbalanced since virtually no one at this level will realize that or know how to exploit it.

      On the turn just check this back, we're never getting called by worse hands now nor better hands to fold. We can call a river bet, or try for another street of value if he checks the river to us. By betting the turn (and saying you felt committed now), you are essentially letting him fold all his worse hands, and stack you when he made a straight or hit a set.

      With reads all of this I might do differently of course.
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