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NL2FR A9s 4 bet BB

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  • NL2FR A9s 4 bet BB

    hello! ( i think i put these 2 hand sin wrong section, not sure how to move them )

    ok ill cut long story short, this player and me, were having a small 3 bet war, he kept 3 beting me and i kept 3 beting him, we were on several tables together.

    i wanted too see how he'd react to a 4 bet, and possibly stop him 3 beting me so much, i had notes that he was 24 tabler, altho i couldnt see today, but seemed a bit active for 24 tabling! and he was couler coded orange wich means to me im nearly sure he's a solid TAG but not 100% sure, ( wich i note red)

    Anyway, all im wondering is if u 4 bet light, Do you have to carry on the bluff anf continue? i continue when i think i have equity, altho not much here i still had the Ace, and i kno villain never had AA obv coz he would shove, JJ or a J i was woried about, but wouldnt he be worried i mite have a J or JJ too altho not much, gets a bit confusing,, is it ok to 4 bet light, then check ever or does that look stupid?
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      Hi taxed,

      Curious if you're running tracking software? I ask because of the read that this guy is getting into 3b wars with you across tables... I've had this impression with villains before but when I looked at it in the software found that they really were not getting out of line after all, it was my perception playing some tricks on me. Now maybe he has been getting out of line with you, but at least in this hand he certainly wasn't.

      One thing you can do to counter aggressive 3-bettors from the blinds when you're on the button is lower your raise size... I like to min-raise these spots frequently, which gives me a better price on my blind steals (saving me money when I have to fold to a 3b) and it sets up a better price to defend in position vs. the 3b since their bet sizing must be smaller than normal, in relation to my smaller than normal open. If they still 3b large they're assuming too much risk for the smaller pot. And if it entices blinds to call my steal raises a lot wider because they are "priced in", that's fantastic... any time an opponent wants to play a raised pot with me out of position, without the initiative, and with a garbage hand, that's a situation I'm happy to be in.

      As played, I definitely think you have to follow up with a c-bet in spots like this on a dry board. Once he calls the flop, I would shut down the turn as well... much of his calling range will be AJ or pocket pairs and we're losing to all those (and the J on the turn won't encourage any of them to fold to another barrel). On the river, I actually think we have a great opportunity for a thin value bet. When he checks to us again, we can pretty safely rule out Jx or some weird back door spades as he would be very likely to bet those for value. If he had AK, again probably value betting to get paid off by QQ/KK type hands. So when he checks again I think he's going to have a pocket pair the large majority of the time (the remainder of his flop calling range). Since if we were bluffing or out of line with a smaller pair, the aces is a great bluff card for us to represent, I think we can value bet it and expect to get bluff caught from his pocket pairs a fair bet... especially so in the dynamic we have of playing back at each other frequently.
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        thanks dave

        i wasnt using a HUD but vilain was on about 6 of my tables, and after iwan a big pot of him,all of a sudden he starts 3beting me, so i think he was a bit tilted, probably was just my perception tho

        min raising is actually somthing iv started doing from button and cutoff now, especialy if im geting 3 beted alot from blinds, somtimes like here i forget (even wen im at war), wich iv realised is a leak, i dont always look to see whos in the blinds, i play so many tables i just look down see if my cards (on the button)are for folding or raising and do watever lol

        continuing on this board is ok then, thats cool, i was gonna make a small value bet on the river, i had a slight feeling coz he was maybe tilted that he was traping me with somthing, but meh my read was wrong



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