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  • NL2FR AKs in SB

    hi, curuous a bit here!

    in this hand, i have villain as a kindov TAG reg, and he isolates a MP limper, i do this alot also, and i dont neceseraly have a premium hand, somthing like K10o will do.

    anyway since i dont think his range is very strong i call from SB with AKs, ( i prefer to 3 bet weak aces here and call with like AKs )

    flop misses his range 373r, i dont like donking so i think check raise is better here? (or villain mite chek also and i mite hit one of my outs), as i dont have a made hand!

    Check calling in any hand on NLFR is somthing i dont do, i like either raise or fold, so i didnt wanna check call here?

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    I definitely prefer to 3b preflop here, punish him for isolating wide and take the initiative. Flatting we risk a 4 handed pot as well, in which we need to hit out hand or give up. If the opener's range is tight flatting might be better but with him iso'ing wider as is your read, then re-iso him for value imo.

    On the flop I really don't like check-raising. We probably have the best hand quite a bit here, but the check-raise will only fold out worse hands and get called by better. Probably check-call is fine given the line you took, and if he checks back the turn then you can actually go for a thin value bet on the river and get looked up by some worse aces.
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      i would get confused check calling, coz im still unsure of his range, if i dont hit my K or A,id prolly check fold river oop, not sure, i know ur rite tho i just feel uncomy calling tho



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