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NL2FR slow play nut flush

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  • NL2FR slow play nut flush

    i know dave gonna h8 me for this

    i agree slow playing is lame,(im probably the last person to ever do this) but in this hand, i get good soul read of whats gonna happen, (im being serious, no HUD but my soul reads are better),

    So here when u actually flop the nut flush, in multi pot, im wanting everyone kept in?

    Not raising the river looked lol, but trust i knew it was gonna get raised by one of villains in position(soul read) and i could re raise, looks donkey played tbh?

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    Any hand analysis post that starts with Dave gonna hate me for this always makes me nervous.

    All kidding and soul reads aside, this is a really bad spot to slow play imo as you are losing tons of value long term, regardless of how this individual hand played out. You are expected to bet this flop as the preflop raiser, and can easily be doing it with just a big diamond, or a big pair and no diamond, or whatever. You can get plenty of action here. And the BB is clearly really bad, as they defended their blind with 86o and stacked off on the river with a straight where the action makes it crystal clear at least one of you has a flush. Their actual hands are a great example of why you don't want to ever slowplay the flopped nut flush... the queen high flush is going to give stack action all day long as long as a 4th diamond doesn't hit the board, and the BB is bad enough that he probably is too with his open ended straight flush draw. And sorry, but you can't soul read the deck, since the deck doesn't have a soul (how many times have we thought THAT on a sour river card? lol). So it would be nice to have their stacks in the middle before another diamond can peel off and scare them.
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      yeah ur rite i spose, somtimes I take a gamble, gonna stop this slow playing stuff, i usually never do it coz i end up geting suked out on!

      i actually do believe tho i get telepathic communications from other players brains, i thought this was a soul read 100% serious!



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