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5NL 6max zoom: Best flop play nut flush draw, top pair

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  • 5NL 6max zoom: Best flop play nut flush draw, top pair

    Hey, I actually won a stack with this hand which I was pretty happy with. But really trying to improve my game recently and it's spots like this flop where I'm not sure what the best play is. I want to try get the most value out of my hand and I'm not always sure what to do. I figured that with the preflop 3bet there was a good chance he had some medium A that he wouldn't be folding to 1 raise, or some sort of hand that connects nicely with the board. So I decided to check-raise pretty small, hoping for a call against all of his range apart from junk, to make it easier to get stacks in by the river. I would also have been happy going with this hand on the flop. The turn I made pretty small to try keep most of his range in, because the pot was a really nice size to get it in by the river anyway.

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    Hey Craig I think your turn sizing is great in this spot umbup:. We were able to get all-in on the river and our opponent is going to have a tough time folding. I like your preflop play as well. Out of position I am going to be reluctant to call a three-bet, but if I am going to, this is the hand with which to do it, two high cards that are suited, and in blind v blind, our opponent is likely to have a wider range. I think the only street I disagree with is the flop. I would check and call. If you think he has a medium ace, he has a AT/A9/A8/A7, those really connect well with this flop and they are beating us up on this flop. Same for the higher aces, AQ/AK. So I think when we check-raise we risk 'narrowing' his range to better aces than ours. We have the nut flush draw as backup, and he could certainly continue with worse draws, but if we check and call, we keep his whole betting range in. Weak aces, worse pairs, dominated draws, all those stay in and we still get him to bluff his air hands. We can still stack a lot of his range when we connect with this turn. One thing we definitely agree with on the flop is that if you check-raise you have to get it in. But I would check-call. Nice turn size though, just perfect.


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      Thanks for the analysis .

      If you just check-call the flop though, and the turn comes as it did. The pot is $1.70, how do you get the rest of the $4.15 in? Because if you raise the turn or the river it really looks like a flush. I was thinking the main way I got value in this hand was by building a pot, without actually hitting the big flush, I think after the flush comes on the board and I raise that I'll probably get a lot more folds.



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