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2NL 9-max: AKs against LAG

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  • 2NL 9-max: AKs against LAG

    Hi, the villain is playing 54/20. He is a LAG and is opening from LP, therefore I decided to 3-bet. After he shoves I decided that his range was wide so I called. I put 7% for his shoving range on Pokerstove and got a 54% favorite over him. Man, these AK hands are costing me a lot of money lol

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    I think the replayer do not show his hand ( which is weird )
    he had KK
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      Hi fp,

      Based on the info you provided, I think getting it in here is fine. I would expect in general his range to be wide enough to include a lot of pairs that are not AA or KK, plus all combos of AK and some worse aces like AQ. Against a range of 99+ and AQ+ you're over 51%, and might have some weaker spazz hands as well.

      It's very important to use more than VPIP and PFR in making these reads however, since the action here is actually not either of these. For example, we had a villain in live training recently who was playing a very laggy vpip/pfr like this one, but his 3b% was 1.9 over several hundred hands. So while he was entering pots in which there was no aggressor yet in a somewhat wild manner, when someone else had already shown aggression he was only calling loosely, and reraising with only a very tight value range (not a bad strategy for reraising since his "appearance" was so loose)... so against that villain in the live training (just like in this hand) we 3b with AK and the guy 4b us, and he's such a tight 3-bettor although he's LAG the rest of the time, in this circumstance where he's 4-betting now I'd expect him to have like QQ+ or AK only (in the live training hand he had KK also).

      So more detail matters, but as stated I think getting it in is fine here.
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