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where's the fold button???

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  • where's the fold button???

    villain is 36/17/AF2/AFq40(348) call me a nit, but I don't like the ace on the board.. even tho villain is LAGgy. M I right to fold thos hand?
    Bracelet Winner

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    My play is usually to lead the flop, they can call preflop with hands like JJ and QQ. They don't have have hit the A, and with your check, your either trapping and they can easily give up with action. Or you'll likely fold. Your making the decisions easy for them. Make the decision hard by betting into them and making them unsure whether to continue, and if they raise or continue then you can check future streets and give up, or try get to a cheap showdown.


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      Hi wikked

      I think you played this hand fine. There are two ways to play it in my opinion, being out of position, on this board texture.

      The first is the way you did, we control the size of the pot, and can induce bluffs. The problem is that if you induce more than one bluff you will have to fold!

      I think the second way to play it, which is slightly better than the first, is to continuation bet the flop for 1/2 pot. Like has been mentioned this can get called by worse hands that will be happy to check it down with us to the river. We also will feel more comfortable check-folding a future street should our opponent bet, because the hands that call one bet and we beat, don't have an incentive to bet, they will be trying to show down their hand for the most part.

      The key is being out of position. I would be happier to check back on the flop were we in position on an ace high board. This way we can keep the pot in our control more easily. Out of position we put ourselves at a greater risk when we give up the betting lead.


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        had some notes on the villain, he/she will call a 3b with Ax hands, so i've decided to call jus 1 bet n re-evaluate on the turn. unfortunately (or fortunately) the K din come n i have to give credit that villain did have it n folded, being the nit that i am.. out of position of course.

        that being said, i'm sure i'll the chips back sooner or later with the villains LAGgy style of play, or from other players

        have learned tons from the ZOOM live training session from both you n felix the past few weeks n it's been proving its worth in my BR. jus have to drill it in my head that playing +ev hands will prove profitable in the long run... even tho 3,4,5,6 betting n getting it all in preflop with AA/KK against maniacs who shove/playback who 6Ts OOP n flopping the nut str8/flush might put me on tilt for the next 2-3 cigarettes will i smoke it out to chiil out
        Bracelet Winner


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          just on the 3bet sizing i'd make it a wee bit bigger to say 0.70 0.75 to allow for our postion and the deeper eff stacks with the likely call from the button..



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