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2NL 9-max: AKs 3-bet

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  • 2NL 9-max: AKs 3-bet

    The hijack is 21/16/5 and the button is 18/6/6. I didn't want to play AKs in a multi-way pot so I 3-bet to isolate the button (since he haven't shown too much strength by calling) or to win the pot right there. Pre flop I think no one has AA or KK cuz they would 4-bet shove. So on the flop I C-bet which I don't know if it was a good play. But at the same time checking there would sound to weak.

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    My image on the table was LAG (cuz I was getting a lot of good hands and raising them). So I was TAG but my image was LAG.


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      I think preflop is good play and I'd do that as well.

      On the flop I also agree with what you do, if you check your just giving someone the opportunity to take the pot away from you. Worse hands than AK can call the 3-bet and fold to a cbet, especially multiway, because of the bloated pot on the flop if they call then they have to be confident of going all in at some point with their hand.


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        Hi fp,

        I wouldn't expect anyone to 4b shove preflop on this depth of money, if they 4b it's probably going to be to around .60 or so.

        I think flatting preflop and keeping the pot small out of position is fine, but 3-betting is fine as well. The problem here is that your desire is to either take it down pre or isolate on V2, but if you have a LAG image both of those are reduced, as is the effectiveness of a flop continuation bet. It's great when you hit the hand, but not so much when you miss. I think c-betting is fine to get them to fold out their equity in the pot with missed overcards, and put pressure on middle pairs, but your bet sizing is too small for this on a wet board... bet more consistent with what you would actually do with AA. If you fire like 2/3rds of the pot here, and get called, it sets up a nice turn shove with your remaining stack which is a strong play aided by the Q coming on the turn since that's an overcard to 88-JJ... so you're repping AA/KK basically and a scary card has come as well. The downside is it's a spade, so if he's got a pair with a spade or flopped a set, he's not going to fold much, but if he's got 2 red J's I don't see how he's stacking off to a roughly pot sized turn shove.

        In general with a LAG image it's a nice play to just flat pre here, keep the pot smaller out of position and if you hit, they never put you on AK so it's a bit disguised (with your image and failure to 3b pre, you will get big action from AQ on an ace high flop for example).
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