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10NL 6 Max 2 pairs vs Unknown

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  • 10NL 6 Max 2 pairs vs Unknown

    Hi all, I've posted a similar hand in the past, but that was against a Loose passive guy. This is the first hand the villain sat down so I had no reads on him. Preflop: Since villain posted blind and checked, I raised in the SB with JTo to take down the pot. I think I could have raised larger to 5bb or 6bb though. Flop and turn I overbet for maximal value from any flush or straight draw. If he had QQ, JJ, TT, he should have raised preflop. Turn he shoves so I thought vs an unknown who came in without a full stack, he might be doing so with any pair or draw. 1) Is it ok to take the line of overbetting with 2 pairs in such draw heavy board? 2) Is calling the turn shove reasonable vs this unknown?

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    Hey TheAwesome

    Interesting hand to post. I think that we know villain is likely a weaker player because he did post instead of wait, but that doesn't mean we know his exact preflop tendencies. Like you said you had no read.

    So for that reason I would have still raised preflop and probably gone 90% flop, 75% turn.

    I think to overbet/overbet-call profitably you will have to have a more specific read on the player as a loose passive who just cannot find a fold. A lot of weak players will call the 1.11 overbet on the flop with a piece but fold most of the hands we're getting a ton of value from to the turn overbet. So I think you should be a bit more cautious deploying this line just 'cold.'

    When he decides to shove in theory we got what we wanted, but if you felt gross calling it off then you probably made an error earlier in the hand.

    Definitely like your ideas though in this hand!

    Preflop I think you made the best play with the best sizing. we are going to do well with two high-connected cards isolating out of position (ie JTo > A6o in this spot).

    The flop is definitely a spot to play for value its just a question of how fair we can push this player. I dont think we know enough about him to go crazy like we did, that's a read I would want to develop. What do you think?


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      Heys Gareth, I tend to agree that we shouldn't go all crazy, overbetting and overbetting. I was just sick and tired of getting sucked out on such draw heavy boards n losing $$ hence I did the overbet to take down the pot. Would lose value definitely He actually flopped the wheel with K9o.

      Is this considered a cooler? In future hands on similar boards, let's say if I flopped 2 pairs or a set, is 90% flop, 75% turn, still the standard play?



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