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5NL 6max zoom: My hand of the day

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  • 5NL 6max zoom: My hand of the day

    My hand of the day, just wanted to share it with you guys. Really loving 5NL at the minute, made around $60 in the past week, and about to reach silver start for the month. Seeing some friendly faces around as well which is always nice.

  • #2
    Hey Craig,

    I would say a perfectly played hand, it would be nice to know what villain 2 was holding.

    Well done on growing the bankroll




    • #3
      Hey TC,

      I think you'll be rather surprised. The villain that mucked was holding 43 of diamonds.


      • #4
        He checked and called a raise and 3bet all in; even i would have folded there LOL

        I suppose chasing your one card to the river and hitting can be hard to let go

        Nice hand Craig.


        • #5
          Yea, and those are the players we make most of our money from :P. So I'm not complaining.

          Also, update: I JUST MADE SILVER FOR THE FIRST TIME .


          • #6
            Hey Craig Interesting hand and a pretty sweet scoop! If I had to offer any suggestions as to you play I would consider checking the turn. The first reason is that betting the turn looks pretty strong: we are betting twice into two opponents on an ace high board. If our flush doesn't come in or we don't hit a seven we might be in trouble on the river against our opponent's turn calling range(s). The second reasons is that we don't have anything to fear on this board in terms of protecting our hand. There are only a few unlikely straight draws. So we don't need to worry too much about the potential river cards but we do need to worry about mostly better calling our turn bet. Just a little idea, not something I would put forward forcefully in this spot because obviously you felt like your opponent's were continuing pretty wide on the flop; wide enough to punish them on the turn. Good scoop umbup:


            • #7
              Hey Gareth,

              Actually my turn bet was a strange one in my mind. I figured my opponents to continue would either have strong A's. Very strong drawing hands. Or something like already made straight or two pair. I didn't think I was ahead at all.

              The reason I bet the turn was to try set up a huge pot for the river for if I did hit my hand, it was multi-way and i thought i was getting called from at least one of them, and it would make it worthwhile the times that i hit.

              I figured I could fold out a few better A hands and that was about it. I would rather bet here though, because if i check the guy behind me bets big I'm not really comfortable, so I'd rather go with a size I like. Also if i check the turn, and either bet out on the river or check raise I think the big A hands will be folding, and it'll make my hand pretty obvious. If i just bet 3 streets they could put me on a worse A or something like that.


              • #8
                Think it was pretty obvious that villain one had a flush draw all the way, confirmed when he re shuved you on the river :P and i like your bet sizing through the hand (didn't scare him off), but with villain two i was thinking for ages before i saw the hole cards and could not think what he was coming along with, thought it could have been another smaller flush draw tbh :L

                Anyway, cant fault you there.....well played sir



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