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Some terrible results

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  • Some terrible results

    Since i am beginner and playing for just a month kind of seriously, today i had the worst session so far. Stakes are nano, but yet it is so frustrating to lose in a couple of hands what you have won over some hours. I would like to explain me how bad these plays are, if you consider this tilt, lack of experience or anything...

    Hand 1

    Opponent was unknown. My call preflop is kind of loose. Now the river shove seemed very strange to me but didn 't really think... I could be against AQ, AhKh, AA but i stupidly put him on AK offsuit.

    Hand 2

    Also, does anyone else has this problem of overevaluating his skills when winning some big pots or consecutive sessions? Seems like i have to lose a lot in order to stay focused and play correct sometimes.
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    **moved to better fitting forum JWK24** Hi 3revos! Welcome to the forum. Here is a link that will help to get you more familiar with many of the options that PSO has to offer. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Hi 3rev,

      Thanks for posting... FYI in the future it's preferable to post 1 hand per thread, so discussions are clear.

      In the first hand KQs, I think the preflop call is fine in position playing 250 bb's deep against the villain. I also like the flop and turn calls fine, it keeps his range wide and allows him to barrel worse hands, and you won't lose a street of value since if he checks you can always bet. On the river though it falls apart... when he bombs all in for roughly 4x the size of the pot, I don't see any way our hand is good... assume this type of play is a strong hand going for max value when you see it, until you have reads to the contrary. As difficult as it is to fold this type of hand strength, I think we should be folding to this action as I'd expect the villain to show up with AA or AQ an awful lot here.

      In the 2nd hand, JJ, I think your play here is perfectly fine. Unlucky the villain limp-called with a deuce in his hand, but if he's doing that with K2s, he's also going to have K3s and be paying off, 44, 55, etc. There are plenty of worse hands a short stacking fish will show up with here and be paying off with all day on this depth of money, so I like your line to extract max value and see no problem with it. Sometimes he'll show you the deuce or 33, but much of the time he'll show you worse pairs.
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        Thank you very much for the feedback.
        I will definitely use a better format of my threads in the future.



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