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25NL 6-max Zoom over calling 3b in the bb with QQ

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  • 25NL 6-max Zoom over calling 3b in the bb with QQ

    I took another tentative shot at 25NL 6-max after having had my fingers burnt before.

    This was the first hand QQ in the bb facing a standard raise and 3b from larger stacks then I over called the sb.

    Is this line too passive or is the action in front of me at this level actually defining the opponents range?

    So should I have folded >QQ< after seeing the over call from the sb?

    If the sb had JJ is that a call?
    Last edited by ForrestFive; Sun Oct 28, 2012, 05:15 AM. Reason: sb JJ call

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    Hi ForrestFive

    Tough spot .

    First of all I think you were definitely right to call the 2.25 in the first place. This is our best course of action as re-opening the action with the initial raiser's hand strength unknown can lead us to getting a lot of money in bad, but not often getting a lot of money in good. If we call we keep everyone's ranges as wide as possible and our hand should play pretty straightforwardly postflop.

    Now the initial raiser decides to reopen the action. Whew that's quite a play. I think we have a fold here in all honesty. We have to count on him doing this with AK and/or JJ a fair amount of the time for our equity to be good enough to continue. When the other player decides to go with it, this is probably not so clearly a bad thing. Were it a player with a full stack who we knew was tight that would be one thing, but this player could potentially have a wide range of hands. When those hands include AX, that removes the probability that the initial raiser has AA.

    I think if the SB called the 2.25 here with JJ he made a fine play, the other option being to fold.

    In the end I think the initial raiser, by moving all-in here, is showing too much strength for us to call, if only by a little. Close spot, I wouldn't fault you for calling.


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      Thanks Gareth, At the time I was calculating the size of a raise then thinking what if... 1) Will it fold out the original raiser 2) What if I get shoved on 3) If I see a A/K on flop I remembered something in your live training when you declined to re-open the action with AK I think you mentioned QQ too. But I couldn't remember the context whether you were 300bb deep at the time? So happy I made the correct decision with the call then folding to the shove. Great analysis lots more than I'd considered. umbup:



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