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5nl Zoom - KJs raised on the turn.

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  • 5nl Zoom - KJs raised on the turn.

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    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop the button open limps on the button and the small blind folds, I think he can be really wide here so raise to 5x. He calls and I flop second pair with backdoor spades, I think this is a good spot to bet for value from smaller pairs. I bet 2/3 pot and he calls. The turn comes a spade and I decide not to bet as I think he might fold a lot of worse pairs which will check back a lot of the time. Also these hands may call a river bet. Also he may check back some queens, or flushes if he wants to slowplay; which I can sometimes draw out on, on the river. He then goes crazy and shoves his stack for nearly two times the pot, I'm getting 1.5-1 and need 40% equity. I really don't think he's doing this with enough worse hands...? Thanks Oliverumbup:
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    Hey Oliver I think we can fold here. This would be a good circumstance to download PokerStove -- its free -- and try to plug in some hands you think he could have. To calculate your price you need to add the size of the shove to the pot. Then you have to take the amount you have to call and divide by the above sum. So that the equity we need to call the shove is (amount to call) / (amount bet + pot) * 100% = equity Here we are going to be getting a pretty bad price in general here because our opponent has bet more than the flop. As the amount of the bet goes up in relation to the pot size, the more equity we need to call the shove. On the flop I think you should consider checking. We are never going to get three streets out of our hand. So we can think of getting two streets and we might think about which two streets those are and often turn/river are going to be the most profitable. We don't risk narrowing his range to QX by going for our two streets on flop/turn. Some ideas umbup:



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