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5nl Zoom - ATs raised on the river!

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  • 5nl Zoom - ATs raised on the river!

    Again no reads here. Seem to be taking notes but rerely running into the players again to use them
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop I make my standard 3x raise UTG+ and get called in two spots, the flop comes down monotone and pretty co-ordinated so I decide to check as I'm out of position and don't think I have enough fold equity or good turn barreling cards. It checks round and I turn an ace, checked to again I know decide to bet for value and protection. The cut off calls and the SB folds; the 5s completes the board completing the wheel draw but I don't think too many of them are in his range. I decide to bet half pot again for value, hoping to get called by smaller pairs, he then min raises me. Not really sure what his range is for this action does he have a wheel or a flopped flush? Or can he raise worse aces here? Not really sure if I can call or not. Cheers Oliver umbup:
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    Hey Oliver Let's start with the river. I don't think you can call on the river here and I also don't think it is particularly close. You ask if he could raise worse aces? What worse aces? There are only a few -- but the vast majority of aces have us beat in one way or another. In fact, I think just about every hand that makes sense to raise on this river has us beat. Flopped flushes, sets, straights, two pair -- there are a hundred hands that have us beat. Here is a good rule of thumb to think about in this situation -- is this the worst hand you are value betting? I would imagine the answer is yes. You aren't value betting pocket kings here or A2 right? Right. So here is the rule, "if I am at the bottom of my value betting range on the river and get raised, then I have a bluff catcher only." And if you have a bluff catcher only and it seems implausible your opponent is bluffing (very implausible here) then we have a clear fold. Therefore in this spot, I think we have a clear bet/fold for value. This is a thin value bet on the river as it is, I am glad you made it, but part and parcel of making a strong play like this is getting away from it when our opponent springs into action. I think every street before the river is well played fwiw, I like your decision to give up on the flop and to bet for value and protection on the turn. umbup:


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      Great advice Gareth, thanks I decided to fold in the end up but I thought it was much closer than you pointed out. I think your right that his range consists of next to no bluffs so it's nice to know I made the correct fold. Nice little rule you have there I'll definately be using that Thanks again Oliver umbup:
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