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Can this ever be dropped?

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  • Can this ever be dropped?

    Had a terrible session, lost 1.5 stacks, and this is the big one, lost me pretty much an entire stack. I had previously seen this player get in a raising war and jam all in on the flop with top pair good kicker (KQ on QT4rainbow) and lose to AK, and although it's kinda irrevelant he did something very similar in after this hand and lost again. So my thinking is the only hand that beats me is KJ, and all aces, all Queens, and any two pair is without fail getting it all in. So is this therefore a winning play/call in the long run? I need something to console me, bad luck always comes in blocks! And is it normal to lose 1.5 stacks at these stakes?

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    Hi Jamei,

    Given the villain's propensity to seriously overplay/spew 1 pair hands that you've observed, I would say it's not only a winning play to take your set of tens to showdown, it's hugely so. And also given these tendencies I think it's much better to reraise the turn all in right there. He could have picked up just a Q, a pair+draw or a combo type draw like AsJs and he's never folding any of those. A player who only raises with monsters it's more marginal to 3b the turn all in but against this guy, like you said we beat everything but KJ (and J8) on the turn (he never has QQ since he didn't 3b preflop), and he's raising/getting it in with many worse hands. And we have outs against the straights to boot.

    It's very normal to have swings in a session of well more than 1.5 stacks, even at 2nl. Just unlucky in this hand.
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