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2NL 9-max: AQo missed flop

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  • 2NL 9-max: AQo missed flop

    Hi, the guy on the cutoff is a Loose Passive player (and a calling station). The other player on the SB is a TAG. I didn't bet the flop because it was multi-way and bluffing at the micros is not a profitable play. I always get confused on how to play these kinda flops ( low flops ) with hands like AK, AQ, AJ. I'd really use some advice here. Thanks umbup:

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    the cutoff had Qh 9s

    and the SB had Ad 8d


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      Hi Fp_boss77.

      I have to be honest, I have no real problem with your lack of a C bet here given the info you had, and your stated level of "confusion" in these spots. I say this because your raise to 3bb to go pre was relatively small, you missed and had no real redraw outs if you hit an Ah/Qh, you were in a multi way pot with an aggro guy who MIGHT test you strongly at some point, and a station who is chasing you to death no matter what. When in doubt seeking to LOSE the minimum by check/folding a miss is not usually the worst thing you can do...


      I am not so certain it is the 'best" thing to do here either.

      If you fall into a pattern where you are NEVER C betting your misses, you are allowing yourself to be far too read-able. Occasionally you will want to check a miss and give up, or else your are too exploitable by raises and check/raises for value, but far more often you will want to maintain your aggression to keep pressure on your opponents.

      Your opponents have no real clue whether you hold a hand like AQ here, or whether you hold something like TT+; which way do they start to lean if you check/fold big card misses too often and you've checked? What effect does that have on your ability to extract value on these all low boards when you DO have something like JJ and C bet?

      So in large part you are balancing your range of actions if you C bet here frequently, but not TOO frequently, and at least some of the time the pressure you bring might be good enough to win the pot without contest. For this particular spot though...

      The reason you want to keep up the pressure is pretty simple:

      - The TAG has not really shown much strength by checking the flop, so he MIGHT be ready to fold to a continuation bet by you; you'd LOVE hands like 22/33 to fold, right?

      - The Station is loose enough you very well may be betting for value on AQ versus him; you WANT him paying to draw, right?

      In this case the stack to pot ratio versus the effective stack was a bit under 10. This is a spot that is a little too deep to allow you to love stacking off with any 1 pair hand. Since you are not likely to want to keep going for a huge portion of the effective stack even if you DO spike your card on the turn, you can easily make an aggressive continuation bet (about 2/3rds pot) on the flop here without committing yourself.

      A C bet of around 2/3rds pot is a good idea here if only because there should be a good amount of clarity of action for you no matter WHAT your opponents do in response to your C Bet:

      - If 1 (or both) call, you see turn and re-assess, making sure to not over bet a single pair hit.
      - If 1 (or both) raise, you fold because you have only 4 potential "clean outs" to top pair, and top pair might not be good enough.
      - If they fold, you win and stack chips!

      So all in all Fp_boss77, your check/fold might be "ok" here, but more often a pretty standard C bet here would be better in my opinion.

      Hope it helps.

      Double Bracelet Winner



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