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KK in 3 bet pot

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  • KK in 3 bet pot

    first of all the raise to 3bb's was mistake coz i never saw the limp from utg.
    .anyway all im thinking is my turn raise bad?.
    ..not many reads on the 3 better, only that the 3 bet os correct amount fromm bb if u hit pot button, wich to me is usually strenght and a plyer that knows what they are doing, i think he has AA here, but i call one streat to re-evaluate, and hit set of kings, becouse the board had 2 flush cards i think its a good time to raise and try get staks in, but thinking about it if he has AA there is now way he can outdraw me unless he hits an A. is calling turn here probably better, or raise turn ok?..looking back i think i shoud defo call turn.!
    edit- 4beting/shoving is not an option here villain always will have AA in nl2 trust

    edit- i just thot of a better way to play KK here maybe, ..i should 4 bet, and if villain calls then i know he hasnt AA coz AA would shove to my 4 bet, then all i need to do is dodge and ace on flop, or dodge a scary wet flop?. if he shoves i can make a not like fold, but this way i miss chance to hit my set, wich was a bit of fluke tbh.
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    Hi Taxed,

    I generally prefer 4-betting preflop here for sure. On the flop you might consider raising right there, specifically to get TT-QQ in the middle before an overcard comes. Maybe he won't, or maybe he'll have AK and just fold, but if you can get QQ in the middle now before the K hits the turn and scares him, that's a huge gain, so I would go for that. Yes we'll be stacking off to AA but I was stacking off to that pre anyway. The difference is the villain is probably not stacking off a hand like TT or JJ pre very often but may well do it now on a 9 high flop when you flat pre then raise, putting you on A9 or a smaller pocket hoping he has AK.

    Probably flat the turn as played, AA will stack off anyway I think but TT-QQ will fold to your raise now. If you flat again they may call a token value bet on the river to bluff catch you, and you give them a chance to hit the 2 outer that gets you the rest of their stack.
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      yeah i think what u say makes sense, and agree, only too often on pokerstars for some reason on NL2 they always have AA here, as to other sites and limits, so i get a bit confused if they have it or not..
      tbh tho, i would have to disagree if u would stak of here with KK, sounds nitty, but if i could get my HUD up and running i could show over about 200k hands, that KK all in pre is always up against AA in full ring, noone ever puts anything less in pre unless there mad fish on tilt etc, i think even frosty will tell u this at nl100
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