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5nl Zoom - KJs OTB.

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  • 5nl Zoom - KJs OTB.

    No reads on the players. Pretty unsure on this hand so all help would be appreciated
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Preflop UTG+1 raises to 4x and I decided to call with hopes of winning the pot if I flopped TP, however I think this may have been were the problem started with a bit of a loose call..? I flop a gutshot & two overs and the opponent minbets into me. This is indicative of a weak draw not wanting to be outpriced; he could also have weak pairs and overcards. I raised as a semi bluff here trying to get a fold but my outs to fall back on. Can I get better hands to fold here or did I misjudge it? Also is this type of hand okay to do this with or would I be better checking behind and doing this with stronger draws (good flushdraws)? I turn a jack but it hits his calling range hard as it a lot of draws. When he checks, I check behind in hopes of seeing a cheap showdown. The river bricks and he leads for 70c laying me nearly 3-1 meaning I only need 25% equity. Hoever is he bever bluffing here? Thanks for any advice Oliver umbup:
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    Hi Oliver I think your preflop call is pretty marginal, which is not to say it is unprofitable, but it will be hard to make a big profit. On the flop I think your raise is good. Like you said we want to attack the weakness he has shown on the flop. We have real equity and fold equity -- he can fold to the bet or he can call and we can make the best hand. On the turn I think our best option is to bet/fold for value. We have top pair on a three-straight, three-flush board -- I would much rather bet fold value and protection now and then fold if we get raised, assuming that our opponent hit his draw. On the river I would fold or check back if checked to -- which is what my plan would be for the river if our opponent had check-called the turn. As played on the river our opponent is representing a lot of possible better hands than ours, from J9, to KQ, to flushes. We might be good some amount of the time versus QJ, but don't think it will be often enough to call down. umbup:



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