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5nl Zoom - 77 UTG should I cbet?

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  • 5nl Zoom - 77 UTG should I cbet?

    Another cbetting spot without reads.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop I'm raising all pairs UTG as I think this is profitable to do so in 6 max and especially at zoom where players will often just fold and get on with the next hand. I make my standard raise and get called in 2 spots, the flop comes down A high and I'm not sure if I should c bet here. This is for 3 reasons: 1) I can't bet for value as not many worse hands will call, maybe some stuborn PP but a lot of them will be scared of the A. Those PP that do call will often be bigger than mine, hence it's not a value bet. 2) I can't get better hands to fold, often when I'm called on this flop it's by better hands, bigger pairs and aces. 3)I don't like check folding as I have the initiative and I think it is a bit weak. However I hate check calling because hands that bet here are often well ahead of me. Am I just complicating things here and is it an easy check fold OOP or should I be looking to capitilise on my initiative and the money in the pot? Thanks for any help Oliver umbup:
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    Hi Oliver

    Seems like you are putting it all together to me.

    Like you said in 1) you can't get much if any value from worse hands 2) you can't get better hands to fold. But what about 3) why don't you like check-folding? Because you think you have to win every hand?

    I also don't like check-calling. We give away a bet with 10% equity out of position to a top pair type hand. We also freeroll KQ type hands to hit their two over cards (a hand that would fold to a c-bet).

    Overall I think the order is check/fold > bet/fold > check-call > bet/call in terms of EV here and I think the main deciding factor is being oop 3 way. In a heads up oop situation I think it would go bet/fold > check/fold with the other options in the same order. Hopefully that makes some sense




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