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5nl Zoom - AQ, 2 pair on trun facing raise.

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  • 5nl Zoom - AQ, 2 pair on trun facing raise.

    Again no reads i'm afraid...
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop the button raises, he could be very wide here but he could also be the biggest nit in the world. Without reads I don't like 3 betting as if I get 4 bet I have to fold and I think my hand is worth seeing a flop with. I flop TP and decide that against an unkown I prefer leading out than checking, I prefer to do this as I'm pretty unsure on his button raisng range and I have no idea to his cbetting tendencies. I think I'll get more value from making this raise than checking. Also if he happenns to have hit some kind of draw I don't want him checking behind to peel for free. I make a 2/3 pot bet and he calls. Going to the turn I still think his range can be pretty wide, he can probably call with 88+; Qx type hands; draws and big paint. I turn 2 pair and even though the flush draw gets there think that I can still get value from worse queens aces that called the flop as a float and possibly even Qx hands that pick up the spade draw. I make a bet for just over half pot and then he raises me... I don't think I can ever raise here as I'm never getting called by worse hands and better hands will snap me off in an instant. However I'm unsure what to do here for a few reasons; firstly if i call I'll have to check nearly all river cards and then fold to any decent size bets, but if he is turning his hand into a bluff then he will likely check down most rivers anyway, as calling his raise looks pretty strong. Also I don't like folding as I'm unsure on how strong his range is and I don't want to be bluffed off the best hand, he would probaly raise a flush here but could he turn a hand such s 88 into a bluff? Really unsure what the best line is here, so any advice is welcome. Thanks Oliver umbup:
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    Hi I like checking the flop for what it is worth. If we are calling preflop to keep weak hands in our opponent's range, then we should not let him fold them on the flop without putting in any money . He has given us a good price on the turn. To be honest, we could fold, since I don't really expect to see too many bluffs here. But that might be swinging too far in one direction. As it happens we can call and check-fold the river unimproved. If he is protection a worse made hand than ours he should check-back. If he was bluffing or semi-bluffing he should check back and we can always improve to a full house and get the money in against his value range. As it happens I think check-calling and check-raising are both superior to leading on this flop. Just because you don't know what he is going to do or with what range of hands does not mean you can't find out by checking and calling and evaluating his future actions in light of the board's texture and development. Putting yourself in those 'tougher' situations is going to build your hand reading skills umbup:


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      Cheers Gareth very useful as your advice always is Just out of interest if I was to c/c this flop, would the best play be to c/c the turn as well? Thanks for the help Oliverumbup:
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