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5nl Zoom - QQ flop decision.

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  • 5nl Zoom - QQ flop decision.

    So this week I've begun my shot at 5nl, it's gone well so far but I'm only 1 day in. Anyway to the hand, I have no reads on the BB but his stack size says a lot.
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    Pre flop I make a standard rasie and get called by the BB. The flop comes down A high, there's 2 potential draws out and then before I get chance to think the BB shoves for his last 20ish big blinds. This might seem a super standard spot to some but I'm really unsure what to do here without reads. So here are the options I thought he would shove with, 1) Flush draws and combo draws - without knowing how aggressive he is, it is hard to tell whether he would shove draws or not. 2) Medium pocket pairs and second pair - Too often have I seen players make plays like this with hands like 88 or KJ. I think they are scared of draws and overcards calling them so they just decide to shove. 3) Ax - With so little left behind he would most likely make this play with an A hoping to get called by worse pairs or draws. This is my possible range assesment however without reads it's hard to know how likely he is making this play with what holdings. So would you call here? Thanks for any help. Oliverumbup:
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    Hi Oliver

    Sure he doesn't have much in terms of big blinds -- but he sure bet a lot in relation to the pot. By my count he bet over three times the pot! When that is the case we need pretty high equity to call.

    If someone bets exactly 3x the pot, in fact, we need 3/(3+1+3) = 3/7 or ~43% equity to call. That's actually a pretty high amount if you consider that you need to have 33% equity to call a pot sized shove.

    So in this situation, what kind of equity does QQ have against any AX type hand?

    equity win tie pots won pots tied
    Hand 0: 11.616% 11.62% 00.00% 345 0.00 { QcQd }
    Hand 1: 88.384% 88.38% 00.00% 2625 0.00 { A5s }

    Pretty bad equity according to PokerStove. This is not to say that he only does this with AX. But it is to say that insofar as he does it with AX that is going to strengthen his range against our hand a ton. So he could have some draws and random hands thrown into his range and we would still have to fold because of a) our price and b) the fact that he has AX a fair portion and AX has us crushed.

    Whew I know that's a lot to throw at you



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