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25NL Zoom Capitalizing on weak villian

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  • 25NL Zoom Capitalizing on weak villian

    25NL Zoom. This was a fun hand for me, and the villian gives us a good example of how not to play AQs! Raising pocket 4s from midpos is the very bottom of my range. Had the villian 3-bet preflop I would have had an easy fold. I flop a set on a dry board and make a standard c-bet. Had the villian reraised me he would have quickly found out that I liked my hand hand and could have possibly gotten away from his. The board pairs on the turn giving me quads. I am never slowplaying here, and fire out another 50% pot bet. The villian seems to be ignoring the trips, full house possibilities and likes his tptk flush draw. The river puts the 3rd diamond on the board and I fire another 50% bet. He finally reraises me moving all in!? I did Dave's reccomended three fist pumps before calling for a nice double up! This guy pretty much blew it on every street!? If the board is paired, don't go crazy with your A high flush! Roland GTX

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    Hi Roland,

    Your play is fine obviously. I think the villain's is ok as well, especially if he's got stats on you that show you as aggressive... if he 3b's pre with AQ he's going to tend to fold out worse hands like AJ/AT and only get action from the parts of your range that have him in bad shape. The presence of the other caller between gives some added reason to squeeze on his part, but flatting is not bad and is better than 3-betting AQ here against many villains imo. Raising AQ on this flop is generally a spew. Again, you'll simply fold worse hands and continue with better, unless he has notes/observations to the contrary. Your c-bet and turn barrels are both just under half the pot, so I wouldn't fold in his shoes either, and in particular when he picks up the nut flush draw which gives him additional outs against everything but full houses or quads (a very small part of your range combinatorically). When you barrel the river I would be sure it was for value, but think my nut flush is good now more often than not. He's tied with another AQ, losing to quads (1 combo), QQ (1 combo), middle full (3 combos), and beating KQ, KK, AA. He also thinks you're paying off with these hands, so the raise for value isn't unreasonable either. If you would bet/fold the river with AA/KK then he should just call imo, but he's not expecting that and neither would I tbh.
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      Thanks Dave! Your line of thought never even occurred to me. It's a bit disconcerting to realize that I have weaknesses like this that I'm not even aware of! Thanks again for the eye opener
      Roland GTX



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