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10NL 6-Max ZOOM - In position v checked turn

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  • 10NL 6-Max ZOOM - In position v checked turn

    Am I being trapped here or do I have fold equity/showdown value? I raise suited Ten/Jack of spades in the cut-off and call a 3-bet from the small blind in position on an effective stack size of about 180BBs. The flop is Ace high - with a ten there (and an 8) - rainbow but no spades So all I have is 2nd pair on the flop. Villain donk bets into me - I reraise and am called. Turn card is a blank and villain checks. What is my best option here - check back or bet? Ed
    Last edited by EdinFreeMan; Tue Oct 23, 2012, 01:43 AM.
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    Hey EdinFreeman

    Before I make more in depth comments, can you talk about why you raised on the flop?


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      On the flop I raised because I thought when they donk-bet, I almost certainly didn't have the best hand - but that they might be 3-betting pre and donking the flop with big aces - AJs/AQ/AK and I could only win at this point if I represented a stronger hand - AA, maybe AK or a set of tens or eights.

      They might have donk bet QQ/KK too to see if I had hit the ace.

      Probably not such a good idea????

      Last edited by EdinFreeMan; Tue Oct 23, 2012, 08:06 PM.
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        I think once we raise the flop and get called the jig is sort of up. I like that you felt you had other options than to simply play your pair as a bluff-catcher, which would be the traditional way to play it after the flop.

        That being said we have made a raise and have been called. If a hand like JJ/QQ/KK did decide to continuation bet this flop -- that's a continuation bet mind you, not a donk lead, since he is the last raiser preflop -- then I think we can expect them to fold to our raise (else, what's the value in raising?)

        So his calling range can almost certainly stand any heat on the turn we feel like applying. Therefore I would take the free card considering myself likely to have 5 outs, the 2 tens and 3 jacks, at best.

        I think it is a worth thinking about whether the hands that bet this flop but then fold to our raise, how many of them, outside of JJ-KK are actually better than our hand anyways? And if we can't get better to fold then we should just call and play our hand for the bluff catcher that it usually is.


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          Thanks Gareth - I am sure I was confused - but apparently so was my opponent Ed
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            Take the money and don't ask questions



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