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2NL 6-max - Combo Draw

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  • 2NL 6-max - Combo Draw

    OR is a pretty tight player but has played a few speculative hands. No real info on the button. I decided to take a flop as I think multiway if I hit it can be quite profitable and if I miss it's an easy laydown. Now I flop the combo draw and decide I want some money in the pot so I make a small donk bet to see if I get some action but I think this may be where I go wrong because I get nervous about the raise and call. Maybe I should re-raise here? I feel like that could have been a viable option but not sure at the time if it was +EV and I kinda pancied and called, then the Ace comes and my equity drops and I feel like I have to fold with all that action going on. Advice or thought on different lines is appreciated, thakns!

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    Hey Fayden

    I would fold before the flop here, even though we are going to see a flop three-way most of the time and like you said, should have an easy time getting away from it when we don't connect.

    A few more things are going on:

    1) the action could re-open with a big blind three-bet, against which we will never be able to continue. When this happens we won't be able to see the flop.

    2) We are going to be out of position postflop, on every street, whether the big blind calls after us or not. Eventually, especially for river decisions, we will be acting last, and that's a big disadvantage.

    3) Our cards aren't that good! If I am suited I would rather have high cards, esp the ace. If I am connected I would rather my cards have no gap than have a gap. If I am playing two unpaired cards I would rather they be high up on the totem pole! All in all a weak hand from a weak position.

    Once we do see the flop however, we flop a monster .

    I think you started along a pretty profitable line, that is, to lead out on the flop, with intentions of three-betting over a raise. Our equity is always going to be there (we are always going to have enough outs). If we bet and three-bet versus a raise, particularly if you do it all-in, we can ensure that we always get paid the maximum when we hit, we can win the pot without going to showdown some amount of the time, and we reduce our positional disadvantage in a big way. Three way it is going to be hard to get paid on clubs when they come in, though it is going to be easy to be paid when we hit our super-disguised straight. I think being out of position is our main consideration and if we move all-in on the flop we combine fold equity (the times they fold to our raise) and real equity (the many outs we have against a calling range) in a powerful way. So I think you were halfway there on the flop but ended up compromising and getting into a sticky spot on the turn.

    Hope this helps


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      Thanks Gareth, you pretty much confirmed my thoughts. I realise this is really a fold pre (one of only 2 hands I played from the SB all session) but since I was running over the table I felt like it was possibly a good spot to stack someone if I hit a disguised hand. Also should have mentioned the BB was a super nit so he's not coming in without JJ+. Thanks for your thoughts umbup:

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