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AKs vs AA at the micro's

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  • AKs vs AA at the micro's

    Hi all, was playing a while when this came up:
    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    This is one that often gets and/or confuses me. Is this a fold to a 4bet? Especially at the micros? I guess he could shove any pair, AA, KK, all the way to 22, and maybe AK or AQ too. And maybe AJ or some suited connector if he's very aggressive, however he appeared to be average. The reason I raised / called this is he had min 3bet me pre-flop 2 or 3 times in the last 20 hands, and I'd been raising a lot of mid/low pairs and suited connectors in late position to play against a fish. Is this an automatic call or fold with the odds offered after his shove? Thanks in advance for any advice that may be forthcoming!

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    Hi Jame,

    It looks to me like you're the 4-bettor and the villain is 5-betting all in here. I don't think we can ever 4-b/fold AKs on these stacks. Although I'm not thrilled with the result of getting 5b all in without reads, we're basically priced in anyway now. We have to call 1.69 into a pot of 2.71 so we need about 38.5% equity to profitably call. If his 5b jamming range is QQ+ and AK our equity is about 42%. If it's JJ+ only we're at 38.4%. He basically has to be shoving only QQ+ here for our equity to drop below that and make this a fold, so with reads I would fold to a nit or super tight player, and probably have to get it in against anyone else. Although we shouldn't 4b a nit with AKs here anyway so we shouldn't ever face that spot (if we have a premium hand and can't call a 5b shove, then we should just flat and not 4b).

    So in this hand although I'm not fist pumping by any stretch of the imagination, I think when we 4b the hand we made our bed, and are kind of forced to lie in it now without reads.
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      I see what you're saying, previously I would love to shove AK, especially suited, or re-raise with it, but I can see the sense now in just flat-calling if I'm not happy to call that shove. I guess calling the 3bet also keeps his bluffs and hands he may over value in the hand if I hit TPTK.

      My difficulty though is knowing what to do if the flop apparently misses us both, such as T74, or something similar and random. I'm OOP and am I supposed to fold everytime he C-Bets, which EVERYBODY does now? In this big a pot, it's perhaps -ev to just play fit or fold? Or am I looking at this wrong?

      However, I have been just calling 3bets with good but not premium hands recently, ie JJ, TT, AK, AQ and AJ, and after having a good sessions this seems to have worked out for me (even though it's over a very small 200hand sample!)

      Thanks again for the reply!



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