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2nl Zoom - AKs against tight 3beting reg.

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  • 2nl Zoom - AKs against tight 3beting reg.

    I think I dropped the ball on this one... My read on the villain in the big blind isn't a very good one; I tend to not tangle with the regs too much unless I have to. Here are his stats for a sample of 95 hands. 18/13/3.7 AF-2.0 Cbet-33%
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    So pre flop I make my standard open and then get 3-bet a pretty standard size for an opponent OOP. Although a lot of people like to get AK all in pre I don't think this is a spot to do so, the 3 bettor is reasonably tight and I'm not likely to get much action from hands I'm ahead of (especially in zoom). I decide to call hoping to bink TP and win a nice pot. The flop come down good for me, I flop TPTK and the opponent checks. At this point I think his range consists mainly of big pairs or big paint without an A in them. I think I can bet here for value to get called a lot of the time; however he will often fold to continued aggression. 2 streets of value is probably the max i'm getting here so I decided to check behind as it under reps my hand and means I'll often get paid off more. Should I have bet this flop hoping to stack a big pair by the river, or is my check behind good? A blank falls on the turn and the opponent then leads for around half pot, again I think I can raise here but I'm likely to make more money if I just flat and raise the river as he will likely bet then. Would I have been better raising here or is my play okay? On the river he bets out really small, to me this fits his range as it looks like TT-KK that's wants value but is scared of me having an A. I go with my plan and raise the river, however not too large as I don't want to scare him off. He then shoves and I'm sat there knowing I played this bad. Given how I played the hand I think I have to call this shove, however his river line seems really strong. What should I do? Thanks for any advice guys Oliver umbup:
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    Hi Oliver,

    I think your preflop line is fine.

    I think checking back the flop is good, it seems like you're maybe questioning the play because it went bad, but seriously with the read you have the villain is never in a million years stacking off KK post flop here, if you bet the flop you get 1 street max most likely, but if you check back you will get at least 1 street and maybe 2, so this is ok.

    The misplay is on the river imo. Your river raise looks strong, if your range assessment is correct then he's simply folding. This raise is -EV imo because he's folding basically all his worse hands, and if we can't get called by enough worse hands then just call it down and be glad you got a couple small streets out of worse. When he 3b jams the river I can't see how we're good, tied at best, so I think it's a fold now. He may not believe us but he's got no reason to jam worse hands, he could just call and see the showdown with KK (he doesn't expect us to raise/fold an ace on the river, this is 2nl after all). I think we are getting shown AA here unfortunately, or another AK. I guess 99 is possible too although not sure he'd 3b that pre.
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